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Oil and Gas News Singapore September 2013

• Record 500-cst sales in Singapore @15 Aug 2013 15:31 GMT – Bunker sales rise to their highest level since January as 500-cst volumes surpass 700,000 tonnes for the first time.
• Fuel oil stocks rise in Singapore@15 Aug 2013 14:18 GMT – Fuel oil inventories increase for the second consecutive week in Singapore.
• Oiltanking sells 45% of its shares in Helios Terminal in Singapore – Helios is a world-class fuel oil storage terminal, strategically located on Jurong Island in Singapore–one of the world’s busiest ports and the main oil hub in Asia. Helios is a built-for-purpose fuel oil storage and blending facility with a total shell capacity of 503,000 cbm. It is a state-of-the-art facility which was built in accordance with the highest technical, operational and environmental standards. The terminal is equipped with 18 storage tanks, and it is capable of handling VLCC-sized vessels. Upon acquisition of Helios terminal in 2012, Oiltanking regarded such acquisition to be a perfect terminal for a joint shareholding with a long-term partner. Oiltanking believes that Macquarie Capital’s investment focus, access to institutional capital together with its financial market capabilities offers an excellent strategic fit.

• Singapore exported most of its Base Oil to countries like China, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia etc.
• Singapore Imports of Base Oil from Japan comprises 51% of its total imports during June 2013.
• Base Oil Group I SN-150/500/ BS-150 Singapore price oscillating in the price range of USD 1025 – 1030/1050 – 1060/1110 -1130PMT .

Oil and Gas News China September 2013

•    Every industry has its own top 10 list. In the power generation business, like everything else, being the biggest carries clout and bragging rights. Table below, from data provided by Electric Light & Power, lists the world’s top 10 generation stations. All the big ones are either large hydro or nuclear sites with multiple reactors. Only 2 of the top 10 are in the US or Canada, none in Europe.

The World’s Top Ten Powerhouses


•    China and the West Set to Go Head to Head for Wind Turbine Market.
•    China imported 1.08 million MT of base oil during Jan to June 2013 to different ports like Nanjing, Tianjin, Hangzhou.

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