Animal Feed Testing

As we know there are plenty of food and drinks that we obtain from different animals like milk, meat, butter, chicken, eggs etc from cows, sheep, goats, buffalo, camel, poultry hen, cocks, pigeons, deer and so on. So to meet the daily needs of human, many people have created control sheds for poultry growth, control stables, control sheds for veterinary etc.

As soon as demand increased, we started finding out ways to get the bread adult as quickly as possible. For example poultry farms uses feed supplements to bring chick up in few days making able to sell in good weight and size. Similarly for cow sheds, milkmen started finding resources where they could get information about animal feed supplements for cows and buffalo to yield more milk.

So, the invention of animal feed and energy feed supplements came into being and we are able to have numerous types with certain energy and potency grades.

However, despite everything, it is not all the time ok to put one feed to every animal and nor it is ok to put feed to any animal without testing its characteristics that could even harm the health of animals. So the need of animal feed testing became intact.

We are pleased to express our state of the art testing services to meet all type of animal feed testing and feed supplement analysis. You may write us in full confidence for any such testing services anytime.

IMO D1 and D2 Standards Ballast Deballast Survey

Ballasting and Deballasting is the term used to stabilize ships in the water, especially when ship is discharged from all heavy load, it becomes light in weight hence unbalanced to float smoothly on the surface. So ballasting is taking water into the tanks of the ship to meet the standard load for balancing and same manner when the ship needs loading, deballasting is required or may be this process required in certain circumstances as well when the ship sails.

As per International Maritime Organization (IMO) there are two standards for ballast water management:

D1 Standard – Ballast Water Exchange (BWE)

First standard is the D1 standard which refers to Ballast Water Exchange (BWE). For BWE, efficiency of at least 95% volumetric exchange of ballast water is required. Efficiency is considered as 95% standard when the ship uses to have pumping-through method and where it pumps three times. This entire operation has to be done while ship conducts 200 nautical miles operations from the shore/land, and the water should meet the standard of min 200 meters deep. It is better to go as far as from the land to undertake BWE operation however, minimum 50 nautical miles could also be considered however, under no conditions water depth should not be less than 200 meters. One more thing to remember is, to contact the port state administrators to confirm Ballast Water Exchange requirements within local waters.

D2 Standard – Ballast Water Performance

D2 standard refers to performance of the ballast water and this is all about chemistry and the laboratory testing where we need to get report for D2- Ballast Water Performance Testing from accredited lab. Purpose of D2 standard is to stipulate the level of acceptance of organism that could be found in the discharge ballast water.

  • The viable organisms fewer than 10 greater than or equal to 50 micrometers in minimum dimension per cubic meter;
  • The viable organisms fewer than 10 less than 50 micrometers in minimum dimension and greater than or equal to ten micrometers in minimum dimension per milliliter.

Additionally, a ballast water discharge of indicator microbes, as a health standard, shall not exceed the following specified concentrations:

  • Toxicogenic Vibrio cholerae (O1 and O139) with less than one colony-forming unit (cfu) per 100 milliliters or less than 1 cfu per 1 gram (wet weight) zooplankton samples;
  • Escherichia coli less than 250 cfu per 100 milliliters;
  • Intestinal Enterococci less than 100 cfu per 100 milliliters

If you require our services, please visit our page Ballasting and Deballasting Inspection Services or you require ballast water analysis, please visit our page Ballast Water Testing for all the specifications.


Lab Testing and Inspection Services in Iraq

We are pleased to express that we are capable of handling almost all kind of lab testing, cargo inspections and calibration jobs in Iraq through our dedicated and competent associates/representatives there. Most of the work is done on the same place however few analysis need to be done in our fully capable laboratories in UAE. Don’t worry, it doesn’t take longer since we have all the arrangements intact to pickup samples and deliver them to our UAE labs within short span of time and with deep care.

We are conducting all kind dry cargo inspections, bunker/draft inspections, quality survey, quantity survey, vessel condition survey, onshore and offshore inspections, ship to ship transfer survey and monitoring etc.

Regarding testing, we are analyzing all type of petroleum and petrochemical products including oil and gas, lube oil, crude oil, diesel, marine gas oil (MGO) standard and DMA specifications, base oil, fuel oil, all kinds of aviation fuels (JP1, JP4, JP5, all Jp cats, AvGas, Jet A1, Jet A1 fuel sample JFTOT, and soak analysis, food and water testing, material and metals testing, vegetables and seeds/grain testing, milk and beverages testing etc.

So, feel free to write us and we shall be pleased to serve.

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يسعدنا أن نعبر عن أننا قادرون على التعامل مع جميع أنواع الفحوصات المخبرية وفحص الشحنات والمعايرة في العراق تقريبًا من خلال زملائنا / الممثلين المختصين والمتفانين هناك. يتم إنجاز معظم العمل في نفس المكان ، ومع ذلك لا بد من إجراء القليل من التحليلات في مختبراتنا ذات القدرات الكاملة في الإمارات العربية المتحدة. لا تقلق ، فلم يستغرق الأمر وقتًا طويلاً لأن لدينا جميع الترتيبات سليمة لالتقاط العينات وتسليمها إلى مختبرات الإمارات العربية المتحدة في غضون فترة زمنية قصيرة وباهتمام عميق.

نحن نجري جميع عمليات التفتيش على البضائع الجافة الرقيقة ، وفحوصات القبو / المسودات ، ومسح الجودة ، والمسح الكمي ، ومسح حالة السفينة ، وعمليات التفتيش البرية والبحرية ، ومسح ومراقبة نقل السفن إلى السفينة ، إلخ.

فيما يتعلق بالاختبارات ، نقوم بتحليل جميع أنواع المنتجات البترولية والبتروكيماوية بما في ذلك النفط والغاز وزيت التشحيم والنفط الخام والديزل وزيت الغاز البحري (MGO) ومواصفات DMA والزيت الأساسي وزيت الوقود وجميع أنواع وقود الطيران (JP1) ، JP4 ، JP5 ، جميع القطط Jp ، AvGas ، Jet A1 ، عينة الوقود JFTOT JFTOT ، وتحليل النقع ، اختبار المواد الغذائية ، اختبار المواد والمعادن ، اختبار الخضار والبذور / الحبوب ، اختبار الحليب والمشروبات ، إلخ.

Environmental Testing in Middle East

Environment is everything, nowadays the major quality and QHSE aspect pertains to environmental monitoring, noise evaluations, pollution, smoke emission, dust, bacterial, chemical interference in air, pressure, light and so on. Hence all professional companies started conducting these tests to conform health and safety standards as well as to meet environmental pre-defined standards criteria for certain rooms, halls and cabinets. is always just a click away to assist you in all your environmental testing requisites covering entire globe and specifically Middle East regions. So, no worries wherever you’re, we shall be there to help you out with certified scope of working. We are currently focusing every region their locality wise and country wise like environment testing in UAE, environment testing in KSA, environment testing in Kuwait, environment monitoring in Bahrain, environment monitoring in Saudi Arabia and environment testing in Oman etc.

Here are few links for your assistance that contain complete list of tests required for the scope of testing, you may select as per your own requirements, may customize as per your needs etc.

Environmental Testing –
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