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Oil Condition Monitoring test is a very frequent and regular for lube oil usage to ensure safety and long life of engines or equipment using lubrication. In the entire Middle East, including UAE, KSA, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Sudan etc, it is advised by technical advisers to start using following set of test methods to conduct OCM test.

The new package comes with Soot and Analytical Ferrography with Glycol and additional. However, customers always advised to consult with lab first to have appropriate test for your requirements.

Please review new set of test methods and parameters associated with new OCM.

Oil Condition Monitoring (OCM)
Wear Metals & Contaminants
– Iron
– Chromium
– Silicon
– Aluminium
– Lead
– Copper
– Tin
Total Acid Number(TAN)/ Base Number
Viscosity @ 40°C / Viscosity @ 100 °C
Water content
Pentane Insolubles
Flash point
Fuel Dilution
Analytical Ferrography
ASTM D 5185

ASTM D 974/ ASTM D 2896
ASTM D 445
ASTM D 6304
ASTM D 893
Soot Meter
ASTM E 2412
ASTM D 7414*

ASTM D 7690
*Note: Fresh Oil (un-used sample) required for reference for ASTM D 7414.
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