Oil and Gas News Singapore September 2013

• Record 500-cst sales in Singapore @15 Aug 2013 15:31 GMT – Bunker sales rise to their highest level since January as 500-cst volumes surpass 700,000 tonnes for the first time.
• Fuel oil stocks rise in Singapore@15 Aug 2013 14:18 GMT – Fuel oil inventories increase for the second consecutive week in Singapore.
• Oiltanking sells 45% of its shares in Helios Terminal in Singapore – Helios is a world-class fuel oil storage terminal, strategically located on Jurong Island in Singapore–one of the world’s busiest ports and the main oil hub in Asia. Helios is a built-for-purpose fuel oil storage and blending facility with a total shell capacity of 503,000 cbm. It is a state-of-the-art facility which was built in accordance with the highest technical, operational and environmental standards. The terminal is equipped with 18 storage tanks, and it is capable of handling VLCC-sized vessels. Upon acquisition of Helios terminal in 2012, Oiltanking regarded such acquisition to be a perfect terminal for a joint shareholding with a long-term partner. Oiltanking believes that Macquarie Capital’s investment focus, access to institutional capital together with its financial market capabilities offers an excellent strategic fit.

• Singapore exported most of its Base Oil to countries like China, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia etc.
• Singapore Imports of Base Oil from Japan comprises 51% of its total imports during June 2013.
• Base Oil Group I SN-150/500/ BS-150 Singapore price oscillating in the price range of USD 1025 – 1030/1050 – 1060/1110 -1130PMT .