Bunker Surveyors in Fujairah Terminal

Fujairah oil storage terminal is the second largest in the world and we are pleased to render our state of the art inspection, laboratory testing and calibration services there and worldwide.

Bunker Fuel Quantity Survey (BQS) also known as Bunker Stem Survey and Quality survey both are significant aspects for buyers and sellers to avoid loss, shortages and to claim for any incurring dispute. Surveyors duty is to follow SOPs and standards along with custom requisites of the parties to ensure safety and accurate measures. It is indeed the interest of buyer to hire a surveying party/company to ensure proper amount of the fuel was loaded and delivered as well as quality of the fuel is tested by the accredited and certified laboratory.

AccreditedTestLabs.com represents International Independent Laboratories worldwide those are good active standing members of IFIA and it helps providing proficient team of qualified and highly experienced surveyors those are available round the clock to render state of the art inspection services. They are well adept to work with the compliance of all International standards including ISO 17025, ISO 17020, ISO 13739, SS600, and TR 48.

Surveyors reports include but not limited to:

  1. Photography as per client request and wherever it is permitted
  2. Thorough Bunker Inspection/Survey and reports of fuel analytics
  3. Delivered Fuel Quantity Calculation report as per density and water testing

In short, the core responsibility of the surveyors is to determine Barge delivered quantity and the vessel received quantity.

One more aspect we cover is the On hire survey and Off hire Survey for vessels where we check main deck and the cargo working area to identify the damages prior to going vessel on/off hire.

More details could be found on our page Inspection Services for detailed understanding of Dry and Liquid Cargo Inspection services we render.