Engine Oil Testing in Saudi Arabia KSA

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a country with giga construction projects, huge industories, magnificent tourism and cutting edge technology developements, engages a splended traffic and trasportation making wheels and gears to incorporate with all the mentioned processes. Industries involve machines which require regular maintenance with the lubricating oil utilities. Similarly, transport, autos with swift speed engines too enables lube oil requisites vital and necessary. Expensive machinery used in industy and sky touching prices of the latest vehicles evokes standards and quality of the fuel and oil used for the same. It is always as per machine and the vehicle standard as well as the local and International standards for the kind of utilities.

Accredited Test Labs got special and specific skills for the standards used according to machines and vehicles and as per the regional specifications. For example, Saudi standards for lube oil testing, ISO standards for lubricants as per Saudi Accreditation Committee (SAC) are alway observed while conducting engine oil tests including Oil Condition Monitoring (OCM), Soot, Wear Metals, Contaminants and so on. The standard incorporated is well in accordance and under certification of ISO/IEC 17025. We conduct both used engine oil testing and fresh lube oil testing as well.

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Keep in mind, lube oil testing ensures health of machine or vehicle engine through analysis of oil suitability and usability for the specific machines or vehicles.