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Gas Composition Testing in UAE


Please send your competitive quote to this email address.

I would be requiring the following information:

  1. Minimum volume required for the sample.
  2. Container required/recommended: would water plastic bottle will do?
  3. Location to drop the sample
  4. Duration of the test: how many hours/days to get the result?

One of our highly competent lab would be taking over this testing.

Glove and Metals Testing Malaysia


I would like to ask do your company provide a service on: 

1) analyzing glove using chemo test, ASTM D6978

2) heavy metal test on glove – inside the glove; and how much it would penetrate into skin.

3) percentage of vinyl in nitrile (l)

If you do, kindly advise for the procedure and quotation. 

One of our competent lab would be taking over these tests.