Low Sulphur Fuel Oil Testing in Egypt


We would like to conduct the sample analysis for Low Sulphur Fuel Oil. We shall deliver the 2 nos of Sample in your Egypt Lab for analysis report of below parameters for LSFO. You are requested to provide the best quote for Sample Analysis Report and Lab address on priority.

Parameters for Low Sulphur Fuel Oil 

Kinematic viscosity at 50 C ASTM D445mm2/s
Density at 15 C ASTM D1298kg/m3
Calculated carbon aromaticity index (CCAI) ISO 8217mg/kg
Sulfur content ASTM D4294% m/m
Flash point (PMCC) ASTM D93deg C
H2S in liquid phase IP 570mg/kg
Total acid number ASTM D664% m/m
Sediment by accelerated ageing IP 390A% m/m
Carbon residue (micro method) ASTM D4530% m/m
Pour point ASTM D97deg C
Water by distillation ASTM D95% vol
Ash contents ASTM D482% m/m
VanadiumIP 501 or 470mg/kg
SodiumIP501 or 470mg/kg
Aluminium + SiliconIP501 or 470mg/kg
Calcium and ZincIP501 or 470mg/kg
Calcium and PhosphorusIP 501 or 470mg/kg

One of our highly proficient and ISO certified laboratory would be taking over this job.

Should you have any similar requisites, do drop us email and we shall revert instantly -> [email protected].