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Oil and Gas Samping Kit, Sampling Bottles

Worried about sampling of oil and gas?

Take it easy, we are here to help you get all kinds of sampling kits and sampling bottles including transformer oil sampling kit, Gas samping cylinders, water sampling bottles and oil sampling syringes. If your requirement is frequent for oil or gas testing, and you have a technical team which is trained to perfrom sampling, it is good to have own sampling kits to avoid sampling charges. Also you would save time entertaining third party sampling teams. However, remember that the wrong sampling procedures could lead to inappropriate test results as well. So, be sure to get your workers well trained to cope with the tasks.

Now the thing is that, which kit is proficient for your needs? so AccreditedTestLabs.com help you out in this matter as well by advising correct and feasible solution to all your sampling needs.

Contat Today to purchase sampling kit, sampling cyliders or bottles and Get a Quote: info@accreditedtestlabs.com

Transformer oil sampling kit, gas sampling cylinders, water sampling bottles, oil sampling syringes, waste water sampling bottles, oil sampling metalic cans etc. More details about what can provide could be found on our page Lab Equipment Supply.

lab test equipment
lab test equipment

Gulf Oil, Gas and Energy Update July


1 Baker Wins Contracts for Flexible Pipes Across Five Offshore Fields
Brazil – Pipes
2 TechnipFMC Awarded Significant Integrated EPCI (iEPCI™) Contract
Ghana – iEPCI
3 Sembcorp Secures Modification Work on Tupi B.V. FPSO P-71
Brazil – FPSO Vessels and Equipment
4 Aker Wins Topside Modification Contract for Hasselmus Development
Norway – Offshore Platforms
5 Subsea Integration Alliance Awarded EPCI Contract Offshore Norway
Norway – EPC

6 Valaris Announces Floater Contract Award
Mauritania – Rigs
7 Qatar Petroleum Raises $12.5B via a Multi-tranche Bond Offering
Qatar – Financials and Investment
8 Petrofac Marks Decade on Cygnus with New Neptune Energy Contract
United Kingdom – Maintenance and Repair
9 TGS & PGS Announce Lewis Hills 3D Multi-client Phase 2
Canada – Seismic Survey
10 QP Enters into Agreements with TotalEnergies to Acquire 3 Blocks
South Africa – Acquisitions and Divestitures

Cargo Inspection in Saudi Arabia

Import and Export is something that plays a significant roles in country’s development. It gears a boot to cross country relationships and ehances tourism as well. Also while in the wold, every country is not rich enough to enjoy all the blessings available in the same country, hence they always require import and export to meet their needs or to fulfill their desires. KSA is a country which is accommodating multi-ligual and multi-cultural nations and thats another reason import becomes necessary to meet their requisites whether it is wearings or the food.

So, once import and export takes place, inspection and survey of the commodities becomes necessity to meet local and international standards as well as to fulfill buyer and sellers satisfaction. Quality inspection ensures quality standard of the goods being imported or gonna export while Quantity Inspection confirms the quantity purchased are sold is the same which was documented in the agreement signed. However, these inpsections must have to be carried out by the parties or agencies those are registered and licensed to perform specific tasks as discussed above. Because if the company is not licensed or registered under centrally controlled entity or mutually established organizations like ISO, IFIA etc, the thing could go worst. Buyers will cry over their sales that they baught in some quantity but received some other, similarly the sellers will raise voices that they sold something good but buyer claiming some other standard. So the organization for standardizations are the ones who authenticate and register only those who meet the criteria that is in the favor of seller and buyers at the same time and everybody gets the mutual benefit equallly.

AccreditedTestLabs.com – Accredited Test Labs have the honor to assist buyers and sellers to sell and buy in full confidence throgh the teams we provide. Our surveyors are highly trained, experienced and licensed to perform quality and quantity inspections. Our companies rendering inspection services worldwide are good and active standing members or IFIA and certified by ISO 9001-2008/2015, ISO/IEC-17025.

So, write us in full confidence to Get a Quote Today -> info@accreditedtestlabs.com

You can read more about our inspection services and their type here on our page Inspection Services

Renowned ports in kingdom of Saudi Arabia we are serving at, are as following:

  • Jeddah Islamic Port
  • King Fahad Industrial Port Jubail
  • Ras al Mishab Port
  • Jubail Commercial Port
  • King Fahad Industrial Port Yanbu
  • Gizan Port
  • King Abdulaziz Port Dammam Port
  • Ras al Ghar Port

Inspections we carry out include but not limited to:

Bunker Survey
On hire Bunker Survey
Off hire Bunker Survey
Draft Survey
Quality Inspection
Quantity Inspection
Vessel Inspection
Cargo Pre-loading Inspection
Cargo Deloading Inspection
Discharge Survey
Deballasting Monitoring

Inspection Services
Inspection Services

Oil, Gas and Water Sampling Services in Middle East

The entire Arab is a great potetial for the exploration of oil, gas and water resources. Especially, Oman, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Iraq and Bahrain are always busy in finding new resources of oil and water. Numerous overseas/multi-national companies are conducting these projects hence requiring third parties for small small sub-works to support their assiged projects. For example, many European companies are alloted with the projects related to oil and gas expolration on expansion and extention fields and sites. They have the experts in research and development however it is mostly expensive to bring all teams from overseas to site locations especially if such manpower is arrangable as third-party from the same region. This is the most proficient method multinational companies are adopting. This third party work is motly related to sampling of oil from the wells, or collection of water samples from the water wells, gas sampling from the feed/discharge.

Now, problem is that, how to find professional and adept teams those are certified as well since the companies are already renowned and can’t take the risk of assigning these jobs to less efficient or incapable parties. A bad team not only fails the project but also ruins reputation of the company to get more jobs in the region.

So, Accredited Test Labs – AccreditedTestlabs.com is committed to provide well adept, highly trained, certified and professional team of surveyors/engineers which supports magnificently your projects to accomplish well in time and in a nice manner. Anywhere in the region, the entire Middle East and Far East, we have teams from our branches to perform the kind of jobs since 1999 and since 1964 in the sub-continent. Our technical teams possess valid certificates/Licenses for sampling of oil and water from respective wells and are available round the clock to support your prjects.

So, write us in full confidence to Get a Quote -> info@accreditedtestlabs.com

If you would like to learn more about our laboratory testing services, please visit our page Lab Testing Services.

Water Testing in Oman

Water is the basic necesity for every sector, drinkable water for people and animals, irrigation water for plants and crops, usable water for industries, swimming pool water, tanks water, and then the waste water. We also utilize sea water in different fields, somewhere we use directly but somewhere we process to filter and purify.

Similarly, hotels and restaurants, especially star rating hotels always require water testing as per ISO and local minicipality standards. They require storage tank water testing, swimming pool water testing, tab water testing, jaccuzi water testing, shower-head water testing and laundary water testing as well.

Now question is, where to get the authorized and accredited test report to meet the standards. So, Accredted Test labs is here to help you out for all of your water testing requisites under one roof at highly competitive priing.

Get a Quote for Water Testing – > info@accreditedtestlabs.com

Or for more details about type of testing, please visit our page Water Testing.

Water Testing Services
Water Testing Services

Engine Oil Testing in Saudi Arabia KSA

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a country with giga construction projects, huge industories, magnificent tourism and cutting edge technology developements, engages a splended traffic and trasportation making wheels and gears to incorporate with all the mentioned processes. Industries involve machines which require regular maintenance with the lubricating oil utilities. Similarly, transport, autos with swift speed engines too enables lube oil requisites vital and necessary. Expensive machinery used in industy and sky touching prices of the latest vehicles evokes standards and quality of the fuel and oil used for the same. It is always as per machine and the vehicle standard as well as the local and International standards for the kind of utilities.

Accredited Test Labs got special and specific skills for the standards used according to machines and vehicles and as per the regional specifications. For example, Saudi standards for lube oil testing, ISO standards for lubricants as per Saudi Accreditation Committee (SAC) are alway observed while conducting engine oil tests including Oil Condition Monitoring (OCM), Soot, Wear Metals, Contaminants and so on. The standard incorporated is well in accordance and under certification of ISO/IEC 17025. We conduct both used engine oil testing and fresh lube oil testing as well.

Have enquiry? Get a quote today -> info@accreditedtestlabs.com

Or for more details of different test methods and parameters, read our page Lube Oil Testing.

Keep in mind, lube oil testing ensures health of machine or vehicle engine through analysis of oil suitability and usability for the specific machines or vehicles.

Transformer Oil Testing in Qatar

Qatar, a land of beautiful building structures and the shore side land scaping. Numerous construction companies are busy day and night to ehance its enchantment in the filed hence enabling power companies to produce energy for their accomplishments. Power and Energy sector engages huge transformers to manage their power for the stream lined distribution. These transformers utilize special oil inside for the functions to yield requisite results. It is in fact a part of the transformer to process properly since its purpose is to cool and insulate.

Now this transformer oil requires analysis to check its suitability and capability which our labs support customers to fulfill the said requirement.

Our labs are ISO 9001-2008/2015, ISO/IEC 17025 certified and hold firm dexterity to perfrom transformer oil testin in Qatar including comprehensive TCA test (Transformer Condition Assessment), DGA (Disolved Gas Analysis), Dielectric Stregnth, Furans, BDV (Break Down Voltage Test) and many more parameters.

So, write us today for competitive quote -> info@accreditedtestlabs.com

You may also ready more details of the types of tests conduted for the transformers on our page Transformer Oil Testing.

Transformer oil testing
Transformer oil testing

Oil and Gas Testing Labs in Oman

Worried about finding certified test labs in Oman for your Oil and Gas Testing needs?

AccreditedTestLabs.com brings to you the highly experienced and pioneer certified labs in the region. Rendering with state of the art laboratory testing services, our labs are accredited to ISO 9001-2008/2015, ISO/IEC 17025 and with all HSE certifications as well to comply with all local and International authority standards.

For crude oil, lube oil, MGO, Aviation fuels, transformer oil, brake oils, transmission fluids, gear oil and all industrial type oils, our labs are equipped well with state of the art and cutting edge technology equipment with to test oil with Omani standards, UAE standards and the Middle East standards. We are adept to analyze all kinds of edible oil, cooking oils as well that help getting commercial licenses for your business and let you know its completability to health standards. Here is more details about our testing services with specifications and standards to all parameters and testing methods -> Oil Testing

For Gas testing in Oman, our labs already serving Sohar refinery for many of its projects and extensions. So if you are looking for Natural Gas testing, Feed/Sweet Gas testing, LPG testing, and LNG testing, you don’t need to worry about as we have adept chemists and engineers team for professional sampling and analysis of gas in the region. More in-depth details about types of gas testing, you can visit our page Gas Testing.

You may write us in full confidence anytime round the clock and round the year.

For enquiry or a quote: info@accreditedtestlabs.com

Our team of professional surveyors and chemist shall visit for sampling in no time.

Used Engine Oil Testing, OCM

Lube oil used for the vehicles and industrial engines must have to be tested for the suitability and to ensure a long life of the engines. The analysis should be done before usage (fresh oil) or it is ok if you already know the grade of your lubricating oil and you are using the same standard, alternatively oil testing must have to be done prior to use. Also used oil should also be tested for the condition of oil while and after used in the engine to ensure engine health and oil lubricity. Oil condition monitoring (OCM), Soot test, additives, wear metals, FTIR, PQ index and water content testing are the common parameters to test lubricating oils.

For Enquiry or Quick Quote, please write us today: info@accreditedtestlabs.com

More details about each test and regional standards could be found here on our page Lube Oil Testing.

Especially for Middle East, Far East, America and European standards, we have certain specifications to comply with ISO and local standard organizations. Our labs are accredited and certified with ISO 9001-2008, ISO 9001-2015, ISO/IEC-17025 certifications. So write us in full confidence anytime and from anywhere across the world.

Lube oil analysis
Lube oil analysis

Gas Sampling Cylinders on Rent

If you are looking to buy oil and gas sampling cylinders or want to get them on rental basis, we are here to help you. Just write your demand to us with cylinder capacity, we shall revert in no time.

Please find generally used sizes for gas sampling cylinders:

Oil Sampling Cylinders 640 cc

Gas Sampling Cylinders 20 Liters

Sampling Cylinders 20,000 PSI

ISO specs Sampling Cylinders

For quick quote: info@accreditedtestlabs.com

Covering Entire Middle East, Far East, Sub-continent, America and Europe.