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Dairy Products Testing in Ukrain


We wish to find a laboratory that can test Dairy Products  and Sunflower Oil prior to Export to

our Manufacturing Plants in The Middle East, The Far East & North Africa.

We will supply Samples, Product Specifications and the Testing Regime, including Micro, required for each product.

All Test Results MUST be in English.

We also need to know how many days testing will take from receipt of samples.

The products are as follows;

SMP MH Low Spores


 Whole Milk Powder

 Butter Milk Powder

 40% Demineralised Whey Powder


 AMF – Butter Oil

 Sweetened Condensed Milk

 Sunflower Oil

One of our ISO certified and accredited laboratory would be carrying out analysis on the requested products.

Water Quality Test in Fujairah


We would like to request you to kindly arrange a water quality test inspection on our site Fujairah Project for our Company. Please see the below Attached parameter details for your reference.

We are hereby request you kindly send us your best quotation and Inspection schedule for the water quality test.

One of our ISO certified and Municipality accredited laboratory would be taking over this job.

You may also write us if you have any similar testing requisites.

Diesel Storage Tanks Calibration, Flow Meter Calibration, UAE


Kindly be informed that our company has recently bought a terminal location in UAE.

We need to calibrate 3 cylindrical fixed roofs diesel tanks of capacities: 

  • 150,000 IG (Diameter: 7.64 m | Height: 16 m)
  • 150,000 IG (Diameter: 7.64 m | Height: 16 m)
  • 60,000 IG (Diameter: 6 m | Height: 12 m)

No previous calibrations were made on the tanks, and they are currently empty.

You can find attached a plan, an elevation and a section through the tanks.

You can also find a photograph showing a general view of the tanks.
Please note that each of the 3 tanks is equipped with one manhole at the top and another one at the bottom.

In addition, we need to calibrate 6 flowmeters manufactured by Liquid Controls:

  • 3 x Model M-30-1 (2 flowmeters are installed on the tanks and 1 flowmeter is installed on a truck)
  • 2 x Model M-15-1 (both installed on trucks)
  • 1 x Model M-7-1 (installed on a truck)

Could you please provide us with a quotation for the needed works ?

One of our highly capable and competent branch in Dubai would be carrying our huge storage tanks calibration and Flow Meters Calibration.

Water Testing Annual Contract, Bahrain


To carry out water sample Microbiological Analysis Testing and  report submission for one year.

Total tests per year 24 ( 2 monthly tests  x 12 months )

1. Following minimum Parameter to be Included in the water testing Report.
Parameters – Total Coliforms (Test Methods- ISO 9308-1:2014), Pseudomonas  aeruginosa (Test Methods- ISO 16266:2006),

Total Plate Count @37 Deg. C (Test  Methods- APHA 9215 B)
2. The Reports shall be from IAS (or equivalent) standard approved/accredited agency.
3. Total two Sample to be collected for analysis and submission of report every month.
4. Specialist to submit detailed report if any parameters are not within desired limits of acceptable potable water requirement and advise for counter measures needed to bring the parameter within limit.
5. Specialist to collect the sample and submit original test report  /analysis original documents to company.

One of our highly competent and ISO certified lab would be taking over this annual contract.

Palm Oil and Coconut Oil Testing Contract Hungary


I turn to you with the following question
We are looking for an accredited laboratory of testing palm oil trans fatty acid.
Our company produces vegetable fats in Hungary, Szekszárd. We manufacture mainly palm- and coconut oil and their fractions.
We would like to send a sample for testing monthly.

One of our competent lab for edible oil testing would be carrying out fatty acid analysis.

Polymer Modiefied Bitumen Testing in Bahrain


We are starting a research project on making our own Polymer Modified Binders from Recycled Plastics.

Part of the working group is to source an independent laboratory that can do the required bitumen testing for us.

Could you please let me know from the list below what testing can or cannot be done by yourselves?

One of our highly competent laboratory would be taking over this project.

OH Polymer Testing in Oman


We want to test our material for its viscosity and component separation. The material to be tested is OH Polymer . The viscosity is 80,000 cSt and we need to test to ensure the viscosity is correct.
In addition, we want to carry out a Liquid Chromatography test (LC Test) to check if the polymer is a blend of different viscosities or if it is purely 80,000 cSt.

Please let us know if you can support us in this matter by conducting these tests and providing us a Test Report.

One of our ISO certified lab will be taking over this test.