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Calibration of Viscometer, Flash point Tester Kuwait


Please find below update new list of equipment’s.

Please let us know your best price,.

  1. Flash Point Tester – Make: HK Petroleum, Model:
  2. Viscometer – Make: Brookfield, Model:
  3. Pour & Cloud Point Tester – Make: HK Petroleum, Model:
  4. Incubator – Make: SH Scientific, Model:

We have requirement to Calibrate (2) equipment’s, the calibration should be performed on-site.

Please let us know your best price,. The Instruments are as below.

  1. Flash Point Tester – Make: HK Petroleum,
  2. Viscometer – Make: Brookfield, Model:

One of our highly proficient and ISO certified laboratory would be taking over this job.

Should you have any similar requisites, do drop us email and we shall revert instantly -> [email protected].

Third Party Calibration Services in Oman


Project :  Calibration Services Multiple Items           

Company : Omani

We have a requirement for the below mentioned items request you to send your quotes complete commercial terms & Conditions on or before  ____________

Sl No.Item DescriptionRange&MakeUOMQty
1Steel Tape0-30 Mtr, StanleyNo1
2steel tape0-100Mtr, Fiscp pacerNo1
3Steel Rule600mm, LobsterNo1
4Vernier Caliper0-300 mm, MitutoyoNo1
5Vernier Caliper0-150 mm, MitutoyoNo1
6Digital Vernier Caliper0-300mm, CD-12″PSX / MitutoyoNo1
7Outside Micrometer0-25 mm, MitutoyoNo1
8Outside Micrometer25-50 mm, MitutoyoNo1
9Outside Micrometer50-75mm, MitutoyoNo1
10Inside Micrometer (Stick)60-300 mm, MitutoyoNo1
11Sprit Level0-300 mm, StanleyNo1
12Sprit Level1 Meter, StanleyNo1
13Sprit Level2 Meter, StanleyNo1
14Total station (Thedolite)Distance Range:
1 prism-3,000m,
3 prisms-4,000m,
9 prisms-5,000m, Topcon / GTS-235NLP
15Auto levelWorking Range : ±15ft., Topcon /No1
16Master level0-20mm/m, INSIZENo1
17Bore gauge 18-35mm, MitutoyoNo1
18Bore gauge 0.01mm to 0-3mm, MitutoyoNo1
19Bevel Protector0-90mm, MitutoyoNo1
20Hight gauge0-18inch, Mitutoyo  / HS-18No1
21Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge0.63-500 mm, 204 /
22Weld Purge Monitor
(Oxygen Monitor)    
0 to 20.9% of oxygen concentration, 100 SC /
23Dew Point Meter-20°C to 80°C & 0 to 100% RH, G319 /  ElcometerNo1
24Dial Thickness Gauge0-5 mm, 124 / ElcometerNo1
25Coating Thickness Gauge0-15000 µm, 456 /  ElcometerNo1
26Surface Profile Gauge0-5 mm, E124-3M ElcometerNo1
27Roughness Meter0.5mm/s – 2.900 µm, MitutoyoNo1
28Coating thickness gauage0-1500 µm, ElcometerNo1
29Dew point calculator0-50mm,   Elcometer 114No1
30Probe3.5 X10, GENo1
31Probe70°, GENo1
32UT Probes70° -1, 60° -2, 45°-2, 4MHZ DIA10-1  , –No6
33UT V1 -Calibration Block60°-80°, EECINo1
34UT V2 -Calibration Block40°-60°, EECINo1
35UT Machine, GE USM 35No1
36Magnetic Yoke0-4.5 Kg, GAMMATECNo1
37Magnetic Yoke0-18 Kg, –No1
38Laser Thermometer0.25m to 2m, Elcometer /214No1
39Portable welding electrode oven50-150°C, TECHWELDNo10
40Baking oven for welding electrode500°C, WELDRY 500No1
41Holding oven for welding electrode370°C, WELDRY 370No1
42Weghing machine 300Kg300Kg,No1
43Torque wrenge 600-3000 Nm600-3000 Nm, BRITOOLNo1
44Torque wrenge 480-940 Nm480-940 Nm, BRITOOLNo1
45Torque wrenge 12-68 Nm12-68 Nm, BRITOOLNo1
46Torque wrenge 25-135  Nm25-135 NM, BRITOOLNo1
47Torque wrenge 65-450 Nm65-450 Nm, BRITOOLNo1
48Stantard Type Digital indicator0 to 01mm, MitutoyoNo1
49Welding gauge0-20mm, INSIZENo1
50HI LO gauge0-25mm, INSIZENo1
51Taper gauge0 to 15mm, SRWETNo1
52Hygrometer thermo clock, TerminatorNo1
53Pressure gauge0-21 bar, VIKANo1
54Pressure gauge0-25 bar, VIKANo1
55Ac / Dc clamp meter, Kew Snap 2003A / KyoritsuNo1
56Insulation continuity tester, 3005A / KyoritsuNo1
57High voltage Insulation tester, 3125 / KyoritsuNo1
58Digital earth tester, 4105A / KyoritsuNo1
59Precesion right angle12″, Moore wrightNo1
60Precesion right angle12″, Moore wrightNo1
61Right angle24″, StanleyNo1
62FEELER GAUGE0.05-1MM, MitutoyoNo1

One of our highly proficient and ISO certified laboratory would be taking over this job.

Should you have any similar requisites, do drop us email and we shall revert instantly -> [email protected].

pH Meter Calibration in Singapore


Please kindly help to quote for calibration with MU under ISO17025 for the following: (Including collection and return of equipment)

1) pH Electrode with Temperature together with the pH Meter

Model: FSP#13-620-AP50A

One of our highly proficient and ISO certified laboratory would be taking over this job.

Should you have any similar requisites, do drop us email and we shall revert instantly -> [email protected].

Diesel Flow Meter Calibration in Dubai


Kindly share the quotation for the below items for calibration & certification. If any technical clarification contact :

  • Diesel Yard reading Meter 700-30SP4 AL Instr Calibration & Certification
  • Diesel Tanker Flow Meter, M-15-1 Instr Calibration & Certification
  • Diesel Flow Meter Instr Calibration & Certification
  • Flow Meter Replacement of Counter And Service
  • Flow Meter Replacement of Glass And Totalizer

One of our highly proficient and ISO certified laboratory would be taking over this testing.

Should you have any similar requisites, do drop us email and we shall revert instantly -> [email protected].

Calibration Services in Saudi Arabia, KSA


Find the Equipment details in below, we request you to provide us the best quoted price for the calibration.

ISO calibration Equipment List for -2022

S.NoEquipmentModel NumberSerial numberMakeRange
1Standard weights Set    
2Standard weights    
3Glass Thermometer    
4Metal Detector    
5Conductivity Meter    
6pH Meter    
7pH Meter    
8Analytical Balance    
9Analytical Balance    
10Analytical Balance    
11Weigh Bridge    
12Weighing scale    
13Platform scale    
14Drum filling scale (Old)    
15Analytical Balance    
16Drum filling scale    
17Drum filling scale    
18Hopper weighing scale    
19Hopper weighing scale    
20Bench Scale    
21Packing Scale    
22Packing Scale    
23Weighing Balance    
28Muffle Furnace    
29    Spectro photometer    
34Bio-safety cabinet    
35Digital Earth tester    
36Infrared Thermometer    
37Insulation continuity tester    
38Loop calibrator    
39Temperature calibrator    
40Thermal Imager    
41TRMS Clamp Meter    
42TRUE RMS Multimeter    

One of our competent and certified company in Saudi would be taking over this project.

Fiscal Meters Calibration Service Tender, UAE


we invite you to submit Quotation for Calibration & Re-Certification of Fiscal Meters as per attached specification details. 

Please note the below compliance.

The meters and the secondary instrumentation (pressure and temperature transmitters, on the metering stations and in the sampling cabinets) should be taken out and sent to a UKAS certified laboratory for calibration.

One of our highly competent and certified lab will be carrying out these calibrations.