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Firefighting Foam Test, Control Valves Inspection in Malaysia


Kindly quote us with your best price, availability, validity terms & condition for performing 5 year produced foam test accordingly to below requirement:

  • 5-Year Maintenance Test of Fixed Foam Extinguishing System covering Deck (Maker: NK/ Distribution Lines: 1/ Foam Monitors: 9)

·         five-Year Maintenance (according to last MSC.1/ Circ. 1432) including internal inspection of all control valves

·         all foam proportioners or other foam mixing devices to confirm that the mixing ratio tolerance is within +30 to -10% of the nominal mixing ratio defined by the system approval  à Produced Foam Sample to be taken. Do you have an approved lab for performing the 5-year produced foam test?

·         flush all high expansion foam system piping with fresh water, drain and purge with air

·         check all nozzles to prove they are clear of debris

One of our highly competent and certified lab would be taking over this project.