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Fuel Testing Contract in Kuwait


We hereby invites you to provide a quotation for Fuel Effectiveness, Laboratory Testing for Kuwait in accordance with the below and attached requirements:

  • Appendix A – Statement of Work Requirements
  • Appendix B_ Cover Letter/Instructions to Bidder
  • Appendix C- Our Prime Contract Flow down Clauses

Please Note:

  • Quote shall be provided in United States Dollars

One of our competent lab in Kuwait would be taking over this project.

HFO Testing in Iraq


Dear Team, we are looking for HFO test for our power plant. Pls send me the price quotation.

Following tests are required,

  • Sulfur.
  • Flash point.
  • Moisture.
  • Density.
  • Viscosity.

One of our ISO certified lab would be taking over all the jobs here in with high dexterity.

Fuel Oil Testing in Iraq


We are a company in Maisan combined cycle power plant project in Maisan / Iraq,

I would like to request an offer for Fuel oil analysis which cover the parameters as seen in the attached file (or the ones that you can test),

Your response is highly appreciated.

One of our best accredited and ISO certified lab serving entire Iraq would be taking over this test.