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Water Bacteria Testing in Jordan


I work for Seeds company, which is based in Joradn.

We are interested in testing a sample of water, especially for a bacteria, which is called  Clavibacter michiganensis subsp michiganensis (CMM).

Do you have the test available in Jordan?

Your reply will be highly appreciated.

One of our competent lab in Jordan would be taking over this job.

Lube Oil Testing for Oil and Gas Turbines in Jordan


New Inquiry Supply of Oil testing service for gas and steam turbines

Dear Sirs,

You are kindly requested to send us your best price for the following and as per Below table technical specs ASAP :

In your offer please indicate the followings:

Prices FOB / CFR Aqaba basis.

Shortest delivery time.

Payment terms.

Validity of your offer.

Datasheets/catalogues are requested.

Country of origin of the offered products.

Exclusivity to our company.


Looking forward to receiving your valued offer by return.

Noting that this inquiry is urgent & your fast reply is highly appreciated.

Please acknowledge the receipt of our inquiry and advise if you’re interested to quote.

One of our highly competent lab would be taking over this job.