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Fuel Oil Flowmeter Calibration in Rotterdam


We have the attached flowmeter calibration requirements at Rotterdam.

Appreciate your availability and quote for the same.

  1. Main engine fuel oil flowmeter

2. Auxiliary engines fuel oil flowmeter

NOTE:         Both flowmeters operating on VLSFO & LSMGO as per regulatory requirements.

3. Aux Boiler Flowmeters.

One of our highly proficient and ISO certified laboratory would be taking over this Calilbration.

Should you have any similar requisites, do drop us email and we shall revert instantly -> [email protected].

MGO Testing in Rotterdam


Please send us your best offer for the MGO sample analysis as per the same parameters in the attached previous lab report.

Offer should be included for the collection of MGO sample from our Vessel in Rotterdam and to deliver to your lab for testing.

One of our highly proficient and certified laboratory in Europe would be taking over this testing.