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Sea Water Testing in Shuqaiq, KSA


May request for your offer for Sea water analysis as per attached reference.

Table B: Typical Water Analysis Items
Items Feed Water
1.   Conductivity (⁰C)(S/cm)X(1)
2.   Total dissolved solids(TDS)X
3.   pH(   )X
4.   Chloride(Cl )X(1)
5.   Nitrate(NO3 )X
6.   Bicarbonate(HCO3 )X(1)
6.   Carbonate(CaCO3 )X
7.   Sulfate(SO4 2- )X
8.   Phosphate(PO4 3- )X
9.   Fluoride(F )X
10. Sodium(Na + )X
11. Potassium(K + )X
12. Ammonium(NH4 + )X
13. Calcium(Ca 2+ )X(1)
14. Magnesium(Mg 2+ )X(1)
15. Strontium(Sr 2+ )X
16. Barium(Ba 2+ )X
17. Iron as ion(Fe 3+ )X
18. Manganese(Mn 2+ )X
19. Silicate(SiO2 )X
20. Silicic acid(SiO3 )X
21. Boron(B)X
21. Bromide(Br)X
22. Chemical oxygen demandCODX
23. Biological oxygen demandBODX
24. Total organic carbonTOCX
25. Carbon Dioxide(CO2 )X
26. Microorganism(unit/cc)X
27. Hydrogen Sulfide(H2S)X
28. Temperature( ⁰C )X
29. Phytoplankton X
30. Total Suspended Solids(TSS)X
31. Dissolved Oxygen(DO)X
32. Oil and grase(FTIR)X
33. Phenols X
34. Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH)X
35. Total Coliform X
36. Turbidity(NTU)X
37. SDI15 X

One of our highly capable lab with ISO certification would be taking over this job.

Sea Water Testing for Salt Plant, Oman


On behalf of my company, I would like a BOQ concerning a seawater analysis. The water sample should be taken from the sea site. Please provide me the cost and the timeframe needed for lab testing, including the microplastics existence test. For any additional information regarding the project, please don’t hesitate to ask me. Given that we are on a tight schedule, I would be glad to receive your email as soon as possible. 

One of our highly competent and ISO certified lab with Municipality accreditations, would be taking over this project.