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Cargo Preloading Inspection

Inspection of all commodities loading and prior to loading for Cargo Vessels by experienced and certified professionals. Allover Middle East, Far East, South Africa, North Africa, Europe, America and many more locations. Our surveyors leave no stone unturned in carrying out inspections as per prescribed SOPs as well as with the ability to withstand with critical situations through out-of-the-box thinking.

Our Inspection Services come along-with sampling and testing of commodities if required!

• Bunker survey
• Marine survey
• De-ballasting monitoring
• On hire/off hire survey
• Inspection of vessel tanks
• Inter tank transfer operation
• Doping operation
• De-slopping operation
• Inspection of Pipe lines
• Supervision of Loading
• Discharge supervision
• Loss minimization
• Investigation of Loss/shortage
• Draft survey
• ROB survey
• Sampling
• Stock verification
• Stock monitoring

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