Lab1 Review

Laboratory#1 Review

It is our oldest lab which was established in 1964 with the mission to cover all sort of medical, pharmaceutical and chemicals sampling and testing whereas the vision was to cover every sphere of testing including petroleum, gas and petrochemicals and to prevail the entire globe with different services. The lab is now spreaded well with over 22 branches in Middle East, multiple in Far East, and numerous in Asia. The lab is now not only covering all sort of testing but also calibrations (Tanks, Kitchen Items etc), and Inspection services (including quality and quantity inspections, on-shore, off-shore inspections, vessel inspections, bunker inspections etc).

Laboratory Age
The lab is serving since 1964 with numerous major clients world-wide.

It covers all kind of lab testing, inspections and calibration services.

The lab is always flexible to take any customizable assignments from global clients.

It renders results with 100% accuracy in general and 99.99% accuracy in some cases.

Response Time
Very instant, depending upon client’s urgency.

All the support staff and sales team is kind and courteous to listen to customers at he best level of satisfaction.

ISO 9001-2008, ISO/IEC 17025, IFIA, DAC, ENAS etc. Wide Scope Accreditation.

Global Coverage
Multiple labs covering entire globe.

Competitive pricing second to none.

Skilled Staff
Highly trained and qualified staff with masters and PhD degrees. In fact, the staff gained dexterity by the years and years experiences with top ranked organizations.