Profile was established in 2013 with the mission to assist people seeking inspection, lab testing, and calibration services across the globe. It was created and developed with the ideas and opinions from key position holders of the same industry, surveyors, chemists including PhDs, and the ship captains too, to meet the requisites instantly, economically, and through the certified resources.

The vision of this small entity is to cover the wide span capability of all types of relevant services, consultancy, and training, as well as geographical coverage to as wider as the entire globe by developing associate existence and availability in each big city of all countries across the world.

Our focus is to associate and affiliate with only those entities which are accredited and certified by the national and international standardization organizations including ISO, IFIA etc.

The services we cover include but not limited to:

  1. Testing of all types of oil and gas testing, food and water testing, material and metals testing, environmental testing, agricultural products testing, pharmaceuticals testing, cosmetics testing, milk and beverages testing, NDT testing.
  2. Inspection services including quality inspections, quantity inspections, dry cargo inspection, liquid cargo inspections, bunker survey, ballast monitoring, BWT testing and D2 Commissioning and more.
  3. Calibration Services including huge storage tank calibration, meters calibration, weighing scales calibrations, cylinders calibrations, kitchen articles calibration, gauges calibrations, and more.
  4. Training, Consultancy, and Auditing services, especially auditing of the food and complaints.

Our presence is worldwide and most prominently in Middle East, Far East, and the Sub-continent. However, we also cover America, Canada, Europe, Africa, and Australia. Russia we are operating at the moment through mobile teams from Dubai, UAE.

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