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IFIA Certified Labs, ISO Certified Labs

Certified Sampling Services

Sampling services as per standards, APIs, SOPs, International and all local procedures according to region. Services include but not limited to Oil and Gas Sampling, Food and Water Sampling, Chemicals and Petrochemicals sampling. Honored with the experience of Sohar refinery fields, Kuwait oil company sites and fileds, Aramco fields, ADNOC, Fujairah terminal points samping and many other renowned organizations.

Oil Sampling

All types of oil sampling including crude oil sampling from wells as per APIs, and standards prescribed by International and local bodies. Transformer Oil sampling, lube oil sampling, diesel sampling, aviation fuels sampling. Oil sampling from transports and sampling from the storage tanks. Specially trained surveyors for oil sampling from vessels.

Gas Sampling

Gas sampling from fields or from any locations through our highly trained and certified gas sampling technicians/field surveyors. Feed gas sampling, samping from the wells, samping from cylinders and huge storage cylinders. Sampling from the live piplines and the discharge/feed points. Highly adept engineering surveyors for gas sampling from sites and fields.

Water Sampling

All kinds of water sampling services, water sampling from Wells, waste water sampling, laundary water sampling as per local Municipality and ISO standards. Drain water sampling, ground water sampling, sea water sampling. Boiler water sampling, Ballast water sampling and many more on custom requisites.

Food Sampling

Frozen food sampling, sea food and non sea food sampling, bakery food sampling, cooked food samping, vegetables and fruits sampling, agricultural products sampling, food sampling for star rating hotels and restaurants.

Chemicals and Petrochemicals Sampling

All types of chemicals sampling including liquid chemical sampling, dry chemical powders sampling and petroleum products samplng like petrol sampling, diesel sampling, lube oil sampling etc.

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