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Crude Oil Testing in UAE, Composition, Fractions, Assay Slate

Since United Arab Emirates is one of the giant oil producing countries, crude is being processed in different emirates, somewhere it’s invention, somewhere refinery and somewhere furnishing of the crude to furnished products. Hence requisites of crude oil testing becomes intact to analyze the quality of the oils and gas.

Standard test method for crude analysis is generic and used mostly for many options and it includes:

Specific Gravity @15.56°C/15.56°C
Sulphur Content (Total)
H2S Content
Heat Valve
Base Sediment & Water
Water Content
Salt Content
Kinematic Viscosity @37.7°C
Kinematic Viscosity @50°C
Pour Point
Ash Content
Wax Content
*Drop Melting Point of Wax
Carbon Residue Conradson
Total Acidity
Nickel Content
Vanadium Content
Lead Content
Sodium Content

These methods determine certain facts about the crude oil that a producer are purchaser could evaluate for suitability and feasibility. More details could be find here in Standard Crude Oil Testing page.

Then there is extended method to determine many aspects of crude oil features and this includes physical properties, contaminants, compositions, and fractions Detailed methods and parameters listed here on our Crude Oil Testing with Fractions and Compositions page.

Then there is another way to analyze crude oil for its features and properties and this is known as Assay Slate where fractions are presented as the result on 15°C to 375°C and applicability against different parameters. More details could be find here in our Crude Assay Slate Analysis page.

Then finally, there is another test procedure which combines everything in details including composition, individual fractions, contaminants etc and this is known as Crude Oil Testing Assay Model. Especially this extends individual fractions including Naphtha, Gasoil, Whole Crude, LPG, VGO, Kerosene, and Vacuum Residue. It also encloses crude oil test format and the whole details can be seen on our page Crude Oil Assay Model.

if you are interested in any of the test above, do drop us email [email protected] and we shall be pleased to assist. Please note that our labs are accredited and certified by ISO all applicable standards. We mentioned testing in UAE in our title but we server worldwide especially Middle East, Far East, Sub-continent and America. We have multiple branches in each countries to serve your better and at ease of accessibility.