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Animal Feed Testing

As we know there are plenty of food and drinks that we obtain from different animals like milk, meat, butter, chicken, eggs etc from cows, sheep, goats, buffalo, camel, poultry hen, cocks, pigeons, deer and so on. So to meet the daily needs of human, many people have created control sheds for poultry growth, control stables, control sheds for veterinary etc.

As soon as demand increased, we started finding out ways to get the bread adult as quickly as possible. For example poultry farms uses feed supplements to bring chick up in few days making able to sell in good weight and size. Similarly for cow sheds, milkmen started finding resources where they could get information about animal feed supplements for cows and buffalo to yield more milk.

So, the invention of animal feed and energy feed supplements came into being and we are able to have numerous types with certain energy and potency grades.

However, despite everything, it is not all the time ok to put one feed to every animal and nor it is ok to put feed to any animal without testing its characteristics that could even harm the health of animals. So the need of animal feed testing became intact.

We are pleased to express our state of the art testing services to meet all type of animal feed testing and feed supplement analysis. You may write us in full confidence for any such testing services anytime.