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Construction Material Testing

Laboratory testing of all types of construction material for buildings and roads including but not limited to cement testing, sand testing, asphalt testing, bitumen testing, water proofing membrane testing, concrete and pavement testing, sludge testing, soil testing, water testing, Naphtha testing and many more.

Our labs are ISO certified for the kind of testing, so you would be getting accredited reports for analysis that would conform to ISO and all local government agencies standards.

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More details could be find here Material Testing Standards, Methods and Parameters

Analysis would include but not limited to:

  • Cement Testing
  • Rock Sample Testing
  • Marble Sample Testing
  • Ceramic Tiles Testing Standard and as Per IQS 1704
  • Sand testing
  • Asphalt testing
  • Bitumen testing
  • Water proofing membrane testing
  • Concrete and pavement testing
  • Sludge testing
  • Soil testing
  • Underground Water testing
  • Naphtha testing
construction material testing