Global Oil and Gas Market Update Dec, 2013

 GCC Oil and gas consumption set to rise 50 per cent by 2030.
 Global gas flaring has been reduced by 20 per cent over the past six years, helping to reduce
wastage of the energy resource and a drop in global CO2 emissions
 Chevron Corp.’s $1.4 billion base oil plant comes on line at the Pascagoula refinery next year.
 Germany consumed 79553 MT of Lubricants in August 2013.
 Heritage‐Crystal Clean, Inc. Announces the Acquisition of Used Oil Collection Service Territories
in the Great Lakes Region Rea.
 Seaoil introduces reformulated fuels with STP additives.
 Illinois ethanol plant to build co‐located biodiesel plant.
 West Asia demand may drive basmati exports to record 4 mt.
 Soyameal exports jump nearly four‐fold to 1.94 LT in October.