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To facilitate our customers, we can supply and lab equipments including test benchs, testing equipment, sampling kits, sampling cylinders and bottles etc. Please Submit enquiry if you need Lab Equipment.

Here is the list that is generally required by customers.

• Demulsifier (for Water Content and for Oil Content Separately)
• Thermoprobe (TP7 Thermo Probe)
• Glass Sample Bottles
• Gas Sampling Cylinders
• Gas Sampling Kit
• Plastic Sample Bottles
• Sampling Syringes
• Sampling Pump / Suction Pump
• Complete Sampling Kit
• Lube Oil Sampling Kit
• Transformer Oil Sampling Kit
• Glass Test Tubes
• PH Meter
• Moisture Meter
• Viscosity Tube
• Viscometer
• Furol Orifice
• Thermometer
• Sulfur Analyzer (Sulphur Content Tester)
• and many more whatever you require....