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Associate Business Partnership with Us ~ Anywhere Anytime, the Worldwide

associate lab partnership

If you have accredited and certified laboratory, calibration services, or inspection company, no matter old or new business start up, we are open to build a long term associate partnership relations for your area. We are already assisting multiple laboratories worldwide through our intelligent infrastructure to improve their clientage and increase revenues dramatically.

We are working since 2013 but we are assisting labs who are working multiple decades earlier than us, because we use the latest technology tools to build client relationship and their management. We believe in smart work, though we don’t leave any stone unturned in hard work too but still in the process of stream lining and boosting our smart work.

Quick benefits:

  • Direct customer enquiries, not just the leads, the sales instead.
  • Get rid of hiring big sales and marketing teams, hire few and rest we shall be working for your marketing.
  • No need to hire SEO/SEM experts, we shall be bringing you what you will have to get after spending huge amounts over digital marketing.
  • Enjoy multiple cash clients and long term business contracts too.
  • Expand capability through knowing what else people are searching related to your business.
  • Extend area coverage, even to cross boundaries since we are working worldwide.
  • Get help in obtaining test methods and specifications that are generally required by many companies/clients.
  • Expert technical advices related to different testing parameters.
  • We exist where the old giant and renowned companies stand over the internet, so you would be getting what they are supposed to get from search engine queries.

There is still a house opened for numerous opportunities and benefits after joining hands with us.

So, do not lose anymore enquiries, fee free to contact today OR fill out form below if it interests you to partner with us.