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Labs in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

After Middle East, and Far East, we are proud to expand our capabilities to Newcastle Upon Tyne and adjacent areas. We aim to accommodate huge volume of oil and gas testing, food and water testing, material and metals testing, Milk and Beverages Testing, and Precious Metals and Minerals Testing. We already have associate laboratories in rest of the European regions like London, Wales, Birmingham, Netherlands, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, France, Italy, and Span, but for Newcastle, we will try level best to perform most of the tests within Newcastle laboratories and may be few to sub-contract with other regions.

Accreditation & Certifications
All our labs come with ISO 9001-2008/2015, ISO/IEC 17025, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001 accreditations and certifications from local Municipalities of the respective regions. Our associate laboratories entertain vast volume and wide span geographical area coverage to accommodate each customer from the nearest labs.

Why are we starting Labs in Newcastle Upon Tyne Specifically?
In fact we already have a good track record of serving this region but in the past, for most of the tests we have had to ship them to our other nearest laboratories, sometime too far which lead to extra costing over customers. Moreover many customers demand for the labs within the same city hence we finally decided to have associated labs to tackle all jobs independently and fully within Newcastle.

What are we Serving With?
We are serving star rating hotels for food and water testing, swabs testing, swimming pool water testing, especially tabs and shower head water testing for legionella and tbc, tank water testing, ice testing etc.
Construction sector is also not beyond our reach as we contract with them for ground water testing, soil testing, and environmental testing for suitability test of the atmospheric air and climate.
For automobiles, we offer OCM testing and extended lube oil testing, engine oil testing both used and fresh oils for suitability and comparisons. Also diesel and petrol testing for fuel suitability.
Agriculture sector, we do agri-products testing like rice testing, wheat testing, beans testing, seeds testing etc. Also edible oil testing where consumable products concerned especially cooking oil testing.
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More specific range of services include but not limited to:
Lab Testing in Newcastle & Nearby
  • Oil and Gas Testing
  • Food and Water Testing
  • Material and Metals Testing
  • Milk and Beverages Testing
  • Environmental Testing
  • Precious Metals and Minerals Testing
  • Perfumes and Cosmetics Testing
  • Pesticides Testing
  • Fertilizers Testing

Inspection Services in Newcastle & Nearby
  • Dry Cargo Survey
  • Liquid Cargo Survey
  • Quality Survey
  • Quantity Survey
  • Pre-loading Inspection
  • De-loading Inspection
  • Bunker Survey
  • Draft Survey
  • Onhire/Offhire Survey
  • Onshore/Offshore Survey

Calibration Services in Newcastle & Nearby
  • Storage Tank Calibration
  • Test Meters Calibration
  • Gauges Calibration
  • Cylinders Calibration
  • Weighing Scales Calibration
  • Pressure Cooker Calibration

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