Calibration Services and Certification

IFIA Certified Labs, ISO Certified Labs Our Certified laboratories are well equipped with the excellent dexterity in calibration of miscellaneous equipment including pressure gauges, viscometer, thermoprobes, gas cylinders, kitchen items and the huge shore tanks as well.

Field Calibration
Field calibration means our experts shall perform calibration at your own location or the location which is convenient to you and could be a remote from our actual service facility location.

Field Calibration would get you following benefits:
(a) It will minimize your instrument downtime because it will remain in operations until calibration is performed.
(b) It will avoid the risk of transporting bulky and large items or fragile items.
(c) Eliminates the requirement to stabilize dimensional instruments for temperature and humidity conditions before calibration. When calibration is performed in an instrument’s own work environment, conditions don’t vary as they would during shipping. Stabilization is important for consistent measurement readings and accuracy.

In-house (at Lab) Calibration
There are numerous items which normally do not require on the site calibration and can be traveled to lab location. This is to avoid unnecessary lab transportation and visiting charges and to keep the charges feasible for your customers.

Why to Choose us?
The best part of choosing us, is your ability to get all of the services under one roof, as well excel in inspections, laboratory testing, and calibration services too in case you need tank calibration, meters, gauges, or any other articles calibration.

Please find below list of calibration services our accredited labs render:

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