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Terms of Use

Testing Parameters and Test Methods

All test methods and parameters are obtained from authorized and authentic sites i.e ASTM.org etc.

Local Accreditation and Certification Authorities – Municipality Information

AccreditedTestLabs.com tries regularly update website information regarding testing authorizations by frequently visiting relevant Government accreditation authorities websites however, there can be updates which might not covered. It is highly advised to visit all relevant sites for certification and accreditation information.

Top5 Accredited Labs List

Top5 Labs information is written on our own testing experience based on the time we spent in testing and laboratories field and the reviews/feedback obtained from end users. Moreover, we keep in touch with all five labs for any update in their services, capability or new offers to facilitate visitors in a better way. Currently we don’t have any agreements for compensation except a free guide and assistance to inspection, testing and calibrationn services. Our site expenses may be covered later either by advertising or donations.

News and Market Updates Routed by ATL

All news and updates we gather from decent and authentic resources of specific regions that cover newspapers, magazines, relevant websites etc. However, all responsibilities lies on the sources we are gathering information from (we generally mention sources on the end of news articles however, we might miss some of them.)

Contacting AccreditedTestLabs.com

Feel free to write us any time through our contact page here.