Pool Water, Tank Water Testing in KSA

Water testing is essential for several purposes, especially for hotels to maintain their health standard and to meet authorities guidelines.

This post is specifically dedicated to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain and Sudan. So, if you are worried about any kind of water testing including swimming pool water, Jacuzzi water testing, waster water testing, tab water analysis, shower head water analysis, storage tank water analysis etc, we are pleased to let you know that our laboratory in Jubail, KSA is capable of handling chemical and microbiological analysis of water.

Especially, we have a decent track record for standard test contracts with star rating hotels for TBC, Legionella Test and E.coli tests in tab water and shower head water. For tank and swimming pool water testing, we have standard packages with multiple parameters and test methods.

For more details about all parameters and test methods could be find here on our page Water Testing.

We can accommodate all regions for this type of testing through our labs in their own area/locations worldwide.

So feel free to contact us.