Third Party Inspection and Lab Testing

For the entire Middle East, there are numerous projects gong on, including import and export, engineering projects, oil and gas projects, water processing, Mining and drilling projects, construction and environmental project etc. The most hectic job incorporated when you require a third party to support accomplishing these projects. You are firmly capable in your work but you never know how the third party could come up with, it could be the best or may be the worst. However, Accredited Test Labs core purpose is to assist you in all of your third party requisites under one roof of certified and deeply experienced adepts in all the mentioned sectors. Specifically, Inspection, Laboratory Testing and the Calibration filed.

You got a vessel calling on any of the ports across the globe, you don’t need to wander here and there wasting your time for commodities inspections/survey, ballast monitoring D2 and water testing, or lab testing services, you just need to drop a line to us and our expert surveyors and chemists are already standing on your doorsteps. You can contract with us for all the ports your vessels calling during entire the voyage.

Our surveyors are certified with valid passes/certificates and our chemists hold strong dexterity in analyzing and reporting results in a swift manner. Our teams are standby especially on all of the Middle East and Far East terminals/ports.

Please read more details on what we do here under title Third Party Inspection Services and Lab Testing Services.

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