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Lab Equipment Training and Test Methodologies

We are pleased to announce hands on training workshops on lab test equipment and testing methodologies tailored to your own custom need basis. We can train your employees for all type of testing in subjects like oil and gas, food and water, material and metals, chemicals, textile testing, petrochemicals testing, and many more depending upon what exactly your company requires.

We are honored with worldwide presence including but not limited to entire Middle East, Far East, Sub-continent, Africa, South Asia, America (North/South) and Europe. Our main facilities available on almost all locations however, the giant setup we have in Dubai, Fujairah, Saudi, Qatar, Oman, India, Singapore, Thailand, North America and so on. So you can get training on either location depending upon your requisites.

  • Lab Test Equipment Introduction and Operations
  • Test Methodologies and Parameters
  • Specifications and Limitations
  • ISO Procedures and Compliance
  • Quality Control and Quality Assurance
  • Safety and Precautions
  • SOPs
  • Practical and Workshops