Bulk Testing of Transformer Oils in KSA


Kindly provide the contact details to quote below tests for 208 samples of transformers oil.

  1. Humidity
  2. Breakdown Voltage
  3. PH of The Oil
  4. Interfaction Tension
  5. Dissipation Factor at 90C
  6. Resistivity At 90C
  7. Dissolved GAS Analysis
  8. Printed Circuit Test
  9. Furnic Compound Analysis
  10. Density at 20C
  11. Viscosity At 40C
  12. Corresive Sulfur Test
  13. Oxidation Value
  14. Total Sediment and Soluble Sludge
  15. Flash Point
  16. Breakpoint Check
  17. Particle Contamination
  18. Expendable Metal Analysis
  19. Determine The Degree of Polymerization

One of our highly proficient and ISO certified laboratory would be taking over this testing.

Should you have any similar requisites, do drop us email and we shall revert instantly -> [email protected].