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Inspection and Audit of Consumer Products

Presenting ISO certified branches, confirms firm dexterity in safeguarding your products and maintaining your reputation through its state of the art goods inspection and auditing services worldwide. Whether you are importer, buyer, retailor or the wholesaler, our certified and experienced team of professionals leave no stone un-turned in securing your interests, making your company more trustworthy with delivery of the products same as promised quality and quantity.

State of the art Services include but not limited to:

  • Manufacturing Unit/Factory Audit
  • Work Proficiency Survey
  • Production Inspection
  • Code of Conduct Audit
  • Pre-Delivery Inspection
  • Loading Supervision
  • Pre-shipment Inspection

Products and Sectors include but not limited to:

  • Foods, Baking Items, Seafood/Non Seafood, Frozen Foods, Beans, Spices etc
  • Milk and Beverages, Cold Drinks
  • Textile Products/Clothing Fabric
  • Chemicals and Petrochemicals
  • Material and Metals
  • Leather Products, Footwears
  • Furniture and Households
  • Electrical o Electronic Appliances
  • Packing and Packages, Luggage
  • Toys and Kids Accessories