Standard Crude Oil Testing

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Standard Crude Oil Testing parameters and test methods for certification as per accredited laboratories.
This test is generally carried out in Middle East. For full Assay Slate Analysis, please refer our other tests on our Crude Oil Testing page.

Crude Oil Analysis with Standard Test Methods Group
Specific Gravity @15.56°C/15.56°C
Sulphur Content (Total)
H2S Content
Heat Valve
Base Sediment & Water
Water Content
Salt Content
Kinematic Viscosity @37.7°C
Kinematic Viscosity @50°C
Pour Point
Ash Content
Wax Content
*Drop Melting Point of Wax
Carbon Residue Conradson
Total Acidity
Nickel Content
Vanadium Content
Lead Content
Sodium Content
ASTM D 5002
ASTM D 287
ASTM D 4294
UOP 163
ASTM D 4007
ASTM D 4006
ASTM D 3230
ASTM D 445
ASTM D 445
ASTM D 5853
ASTM D 482
IP 143
UOP 46
IP 133
ASTM D 189
ASTM D 664
IP 501
IP 501
IP 501
IP 501

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