Oil and Gas News India September 2013

• BS 150 CFR India prices decreased by USD 25 PMT in August 2013 as compared to previous month price.
• J 500 CFR India prices down by in August 2013.
• CFR India prices of TOBS dipped down in August 2013.
• India exported 3449 MT of Transformer Oil in June 2013.
• Indian Rupee tumbles, State Oil PSU’s hike base oil numbers effective August 1, 2013.
• Indian commerce ministry has imposed value addition norms on export of petroleum and petrochemical products.
• India Imports of Base Oil from USA comprises 14% of its total import during July 2013.
• Base Oil N-60/70/TOBS/SN-70/SN-90/HVI grades imports of India comprises 37% of its total imports during June 2013.