Water Testing for Hydro in KSA


Pls. send the quote for  Water sample Test for the Hydro testing following are the requirement to be checked . Request you to send your quotation and the time to provide the test certificate.

DescriptionResultsLimits Max.Limits Min.Spec Limits
Appearance (See Note 1) Clear                                        Clear                                         Clear                                        
 Free from suspended matter (See Note 1)Free from suspended matter (See Note 1)Free from suspended matter (See Note 1)
ph Value (See Note 2) None requiredNone requiredNone required
SRB Count per ml (See Note 3) 100000-103
Chloride Ion Concentration (Cl-), reported as either ppm or mg/l (See Note 4*) 50*0Varies for application
Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), ppm                   (See note 5*) 500*N/AVaries for application
Hydrogen Sulfide, ppm                                                             (See Note 6) 10 ppm*0 ppmSee Note 6 relative to Safety Concerns

One of our highly capable laboratory would be carrying out water testing.