Pesticides Testing and Certificate for UAE


I am contacting you on behalf of the European company, based in Bulgaria and exporting for more than 70 countries worldwide.

We are a manufacturer of active ingredients and formulated plant protection products (PPPs).

At the moment we are investigating the option of registering a PPP in UAE. Based on the local regulation, we have to provide a detailed composition certificate of our product, issued from a Lab.

Here is the full text of the requirement: “Certificate of Composition of the formulated product to include pesticide analysis in detail: formulation (EC, WP — etc), common name, chemical name, active ingredient percentage and also the inert in detail, solvents, carriers, emulsifiers, diluents, wetting agents etc— in the preparation to show the total as 100%. This certificate of analysis to be issued by certified second party lab applying the standards and practice.”

Our product is a soluble concentrate containing the active ingredients Propamocarb HCl and Cymoxanil.

In order to be compliant with the requirements for registering a PPP in UAE and to complete the registration file for the product, we would need the above mentioned composition certificate.

Do you have the possibility of performing the composition analysis of our pesticide and of issuing a certificate.

We would be grateful if you can advise about timelines and preliminary costs for the analysis.

One of our ISO certified laboratories would be taking over this job.

Environmental Testing Multiple Projects in Oman


We wish to introduce you to our company, a leading environmental, technical and sustainability consultancy & services company based in Muscat. We offer the following services:

• Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

• Waste Management

• Environmental Training

• Environmental Monitoring

• Environmental Legislation & Regulation Review

• Water & Wastewater Treatment Design, Operation & Maintenance

• Sustainable Development Solutions .

•QHSE Management & IMS Systems.

• Solar Systems design & Installation.

We are developing our business related to Wastewater & Sewage Design, Operation & Maintenance  and we are looking for an international company to have a joint venture/partnership to work with and provide us with technical support and wastewater & sewage management equipment for projects in Oman ranging from small villas installations to large Waste water/Sewage Plants (8 m³ to over 12000 m³).

Your feedback is highly appreciated as we are in the process of preparing to participate in a number of wastewater & sewage Projects in Oman.

One of our highly proficient team of Environmental experts with PHD heads, would be taking over these projects.

Bottled Drinking Water Testing in KSA


Our employees are getting ill and we would like to know if it is related to the drinking water supplied by 19 Lt water bottles.  Do you provide drinking water testing service to check if it meets the health requirements?

Can you please provide me your offer and inform the sampling instructions?

One of our highly capable, ISO and Municipality certified laboratory in Saudi Arabia would be taking over this analysis.

Gasoline and Diesel Testing in UAE


Please share your best quote for the laboratory testing of below two fuel products :



Kindly refer the attachment for the test method/standard for the both products.

Also test report shall include the same parameters.

One of our highly capable and ISO Certified laboratory in Dubai would be taking over this job.

Odour Sampilng and Monitoring in KSA


We are interested in contact with a company expert in odour sampling and monitoring according to standard codes in order to analyze the impact of the construction of some facilities in Saudi Arabia. One of these facilities is a sewage treatment plant that it is under construction now.

We would highly appreciate if you could give a contact to further discuss the project.

One of our highly capable and certified laboratory would be taking over this project.