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Environmental Testing Multiple Projects in Oman


We wish to introduce you to our company, a leading environmental, technical and sustainability consultancy & services company based in Muscat. We offer the following services:

• Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

• Waste Management

• Environmental Training

• Environmental Monitoring

• Environmental Legislation & Regulation Review

• Water & Wastewater Treatment Design, Operation & Maintenance

• Sustainable Development Solutions .

•QHSE Management & IMS Systems.

• Solar Systems design & Installation.

We are developing our business related to Wastewater & Sewage Design, Operation & Maintenance  and we are looking for an international company to have a joint venture/partnership to work with and provide us with technical support and wastewater & sewage management equipment for projects in Oman ranging from small villas installations to large Waste water/Sewage Plants (8 m³ to over 12000 m³).

Your feedback is highly appreciated as we are in the process of preparing to participate in a number of wastewater & sewage Projects in Oman.

One of our highly proficient team of Environmental experts with PHD heads, would be taking over these projects.