Diesel and Petrol Testing in Vijayawada, India


I am looking for simple test analysis of diesel and petrol..

(Mainly We use an additive at refill time-like .5ml or 1ml PLTR in 2W/4W/6W)wether you test the additive? or to the combination material after adding additive in diesel or petrol.?

Accordingly I need the test report analysis like -Physical Analysis (viscosity,flash point,corrosivity,Density,sulfur content ,lubricity, cloud point,cetane no., thermal stability, oxidation stability,carbon residues,ash content,water& sediment, ATP testing for microbes,color…etc..) -chemical Analysis -Fuel Analysis (Significant impact on Equipment performance , Emissions,usage advantages -Performance testing Like evaluating performance &engine testing ..

-_Accordingly what analysis you can provide?

-_And what analysis method you follow?

-_Duration period of test & validity of analysis in national & international.

One of our highly proficient and ISO certified laboratory would be taking over this job.

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