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Transformer Oil Testing in Abu Dhabi


You are kindly requested to please quote for the subject job as per the details attached herewith as a SOW.

Scope of Work:
Transformers oil analysis and periodic condition monitoring testing
1 Yearly scope:
 The contractor is required to come to site and collect oil samples from all refilled power
transformers (40 units) by following IEC60475, IEC60567 AND ASTM D923-2015 standards
(Collecting samples using syringes)
 Oil samples should be analyzed by applying the following tests as per the standard for both oil
types we have mineral and Midel:

  1. Break Down Voltage
  2. Water Contamination test
  3. CO2/CO ratio
  4. O2/N2 ratio
  5. DGA test that should indicate the concentration of the following gases
    a) Hydrogen
    b) Methane
    c) Ethane
    d) Ethylene
    e) Acetylene
  6. DGA interpretation by applying the following techniques:
    a) Key Gases concentration
    b) Roger’s Ratio Fault Diagnostic
    c) IEC 60599 Ratio-Fault diagnostic
    d) Duval Triangle
    e) Duval/Lamarre Pentagon
  7. In addition, oil should be collected from Tap changer also and tested by following tests:
    a) Oil quality (BDV, Water)
    b) DGA test by applying Key Gas method and special DUVAL triangle for tap changers
  8. Furan Test that should reflect Degree of Polymerization (DP) and expected remaining paper
    age by years using Chendon model
  9. Corrosive Sulfur Test
  10. DBDS Test
  11. Free/Elemental Sulfur Test

One of our highly proficient and ISO certified laboratory would be taking over this project.

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