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Oil and Gas Testing in Singapore, Thailand

Far East is one of the most enchanting region where natural land scaping, beach and the forest existence stimulates numerous tourists from the entire world to come and visit. It’s a natural beauty that God has gifted this region, really eye catching sceneries second to none.

Besides tourists attraction, a huge industry also enhance significance of the region including oil and gas industry, aviation, sea food industry, and many more. Hence creating living possibilities and creating more opportunities.

Anyhow, we are here to discuss about oil and gas testing facilities in Singapore, Thailand and suburbs. Since communities intact with industries, motor transportations and so on, they always in need to keep the things updated through testing and standards.

AccreditedTestLabs.com presents to you its ISO certified laboratories for all type of oil including crude oil testing, diesel testing, lube oil testing, marine gasoil testing (MGO), Fuel oil testing, Aviation fuels testing including Jet A series and JP series like JP4, JP5 etc. Gas testing including Natural Gas testing, Feed Gas Testing, Sweet Gas testing, LPG testing, LNG Testing and their sampling as well.

Our labs specialized in Crude oil Assay Slate, Crude Fractions, Compositions and for Lube Oil it specializes in OCM, FTIR, contaminants and more. Similarly Diesel testing we do in basic and advance packages that conforms to all customer analytical requisites.

So feel free to write us today using Email: [email protected] and visit our testing pages on the same site for more details.