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Lube, Grease, Transformer oil Analysis in Jeddah, KSA


Please send us your competitive oil analysis offer for the attached files for the purpose of an annual contract.

Transformer Oil:

Sr. No.Test ParametersTest MethodUnit Price (SAR)
1ColorASTM D1500 
2AppearanceASTM D1524 
3Acidity (Neutralization  Number)ASTM D974 
4Interfacial TensionASTM D971 
5Water ContentASTM D1533 
6Dielectric break down Voltage 2.5mm gapASTM D877 
7Dielectric break down Voltage 1 mm gapASTM D1816 
8Dielectric break down Voltage 2.5 mm gapIEC 60156 
9Dielectric Dissipation Factor @90°IEC 60247 
10Oxidization Stability 72 Hours @110°IEC 61125C 
11Oxidization Stability 164 Hours @110°IEC 61125C 
12Power Factor at 25°ASTM D924 
13Power Factor at 100°ASTM D924 
14Copper Corrosion @150 ° for 48 HoursASTM D1275 B 
15Specific Gravity at 60/60°ASTM D1298 
16Flash Point COC °ASTM D92 
17Dissolved Gas by GC (IEEE Std)ASTM D3612 
18Viscosity @40°ASTM D445* 
19Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCB’s) by GCASTM D4059 
20Pour PointASTM D79 
21DBDSIEC 62697 
22CCDIEC 62535 
23PassivatorIEC 60666 
24Particle countASTM D6786** 
25Trace Metals (Cu, Fe, Al, Ni, Zn, Si, Na, Ca, Mg)ASTM D7151 
26FURAN Compound (5 compounds)ASTM D5837 
27Oxidation inhibitor by GCASTM D4768 
28Oxidation Stability by RBOTASTM D2112 
29Sediment and Soluble SludgeASTM D1698 
30Specific Resistance @25 Deg CASTM D1169 
31Specific Resistance @90 Deg CASTM D1169 
32Degree of PolymerizationASTM D4243 
33Degree of Polymerization (Calculation)***Calculation 
34Refractive IndexASTM D1218 
35Total SulfurASTM D4294 
36Oil Profile TestASTM D2140 

Grease Testing:

Lube Oil Testing:

One of our highly proficient and ISO certified laboratory would be taking over this testing.

Should you have any similar requisites, do drop us email and we shall revert instantly -> [email protected].