Periodic Contract Water Testing Jeddah, KSA


We kindly request a quotation for conducting essential water quality tests across 27 schools in Jeddah. The required tests are outlined below:

For each school, we require 3 samples: a. One sample from the water source (prior to reaching the water tank). b. One sample after passing through the water tank. c. One sample from the water fountain.

The results from these samples will be compared against the water quality standards established in Saudi Arabia.

Water Biological Analysis:

·        Total coliforms

·        E. coli

·        Total Bacteria Count

·        Legionella

Water Chemical Analysis:

·        Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in ppm

·        pH levels

·        Electrical Conductivity

·        Alkalinity in ppm

·        Chloride in ppm

·        Suspended solids in ppm

·        Total Hardness (CaCO3)

·        Total Iron (Fe++) in ppm

·        Nitrite (NaNO2) in ppm

We kindly request that you provide us with a quotation for the above-mentioned tests at your earliest convenience.