Drinking water quality testing in Sri Lanka


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Details of the Requirement:

Details of the requirement:   Item/ Requirement Specifications/ Scope of Work UoM QTY 1  Physical parameters include colour, taste, odour, temperature, turbidity, solids, conductivity and salinity  SLS 614:2013 2  Chemical parameters include pH, Orp, acidity, alkalinity, chlorine, hardness, and dissolved oxygen  SLS 614:2013 3  Biological parameters Biological oxygen demand. nutrients, bacteria, algae and viruses.  SLS 614:2013 4     5     Terms & Conditions: 1  Every month water Drinking water quality need to check according to the SLS 614 – Portable drinking water quality from online filter outlet and conform the quality of water. 2   3    Requestor / Location Details: * Requestor shall facilitate clarifications and Site/ Sample inspections for vendors.


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