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Sea Water Testing for Salt Plant, Oman


On behalf of my company, I would like a BOQ concerning a seawater analysis. The water sample should be taken from the sea site. Please provide me the cost and the timeframe needed for lab testing, including the microplastics existence test. For any additional information regarding the project, please don’t hesitate to ask me. Given that we are on a tight schedule, I would be glad to receive your email as soon as possible. 

One of our highly competent and ISO certified lab with Municipality accreditations, would be taking over this project.

Oily Water Testing in Qatar


With reference to subject inquiry, we request you to submit your competitive offer for the scope defined below.

Scope of Work

  1. Oily Water Sample Analysis – 2 samples

Parameters to be analysed

4Electrical Conductivity
7BOD (5Days)
8COD (Oil Layer)
9COD (Water layer)
10BOD (Oil Layer)
11BOD (Water layer)
12Oil & Grease ( oily layer )  
13Oil & Grease (water layer )
14Total SS
15Chloride(as Cl)
16Sulphate(as SO4)
17Sulphide(as Sulphur)
18Cynide(as CN)
19Detergent(LAS as MBAS)
20Grease & Oil (Total)
21Grease & Oil (Hydrocarbon)
22Grease & Oil (Non-Hydrocarbon)
23Arsenic(as As)
24Barium(as Ba)
25Tin(as Sn)
26Iron(as Fe)
27Beryllium(as Be)
28Boron(as B)
29Manganese(as Mn)
30Phenolic compounds
31Fluoride(as F)
32Cadmium(as Cd)
33Chromium(as Cr), (Trivalent and Hexavalent)
34Copper(as Cu)
35Lead(as Pb)
36Mercury(as Hg)
37Nickel(as Ni)
38Selenium(as Se)
39Silver(as Ag)
40Zinc(as Zn)
41Metals in Total
42Chlorine(as Cl2)
43Phosphate(as PO4)
44Calcium(as Ca)
45Magnesium(as Mg)
46Nitrate(as NO3)

One of our ISO certified laboratory would be conductin this oil mixed water testing.

Water Quality Test in Fujairah


We would like to request you to kindly arrange a water quality test inspection on our site Fujairah Project for our Company. Please see the below Attached parameter details for your reference.

We are hereby request you kindly send us your best quotation and Inspection schedule for the water quality test.

One of our ISO certified and Municipality accredited laboratory would be taking over this job.

You may also write us if you have any similar testing requisites.

Water Testing Annual Contract, Bahrain


To carry out water sample Microbiological Analysis Testing and  report submission for one year.

Total tests per year 24 ( 2 monthly tests  x 12 months )

1. Following minimum Parameter to be Included in the water testing Report.
Parameters – Total Coliforms (Test Methods- ISO 9308-1:2014), Pseudomonas  aeruginosa (Test Methods- ISO 16266:2006),

Total Plate Count @37 Deg. C (Test  Methods- APHA 9215 B)
2. The Reports shall be from IAS (or equivalent) standard approved/accredited agency.
3. Total two Sample to be collected for analysis and submission of report every month.
4. Specialist to submit detailed report if any parameters are not within desired limits of acceptable potable water requirement and advise for counter measures needed to bring the parameter within limit.
5. Specialist to collect the sample and submit original test report  /analysis original documents to company.

One of our highly competent and ISO certified lab would be taking over this annual contract.

Chemical and Microbiological Test of Water, UAE


We are a water solutions company, and we have clients throughout UAE. We would like to know from your end whether it’s possible to do lab test for our customers in different emirates.

The tests we would like to have done will be : 

  1. Chemical analysis
  2.  Microbiological analysis.

Scope of work:

  1. We require you to collect the samples from the site.
  2. The lab analysis to be passed to the customer as well as cc ‘ed to us.

Please provide us with the parameters that you will be checking in these respective tests also.

One of our highly capable and ISO/DAC/DMC certified laboratory in Dubai would be taking over this project.

Food and Water Testing in Sri Lanka


Greetings from the Maldives.

I am looking for certified lab in either Sri Lanka or India, Sri Lanka preferred due to location advantages: to conduct water and food samples testing for a host of clients currently in my resume.

The tests for water – in general are mentioned on the sheet attached for your reference. Kindly note that our clients may request any other parameters subjective to their food and water standards and the list shows compulsory tests.

Please direct me to prospective labs with the best price to offer.

One of our competent ISO certified laboratory would be taking over this job.

Tank Water Testing in Al Khobar, KSA


With reference to the subject, we have requirement for conducting water test for 7 water tanks in Aramco project. Please see attached parameters to be tested and sample need to be collected from site.

Kindly provide your best quote and availability, duration to conduct test with full report. Awaiting your offer urgently.

Water Testing

One of our Competent laboratory in Jubail would be taking over this task.

Water Sampling and Analysis Monthly, KSA


consider the below points while quoting for Water Testing:

  1. Sample should Be collected from the water tank Supplying water at site from ——.
  2. First Month water analysis should be conduct for all as per SASC table for drinking water , Following Month only highlighted contaminant required for analysis  E  Coli , Total Coliform Bacteria , TDS , PH , Chlorine Residual ,Conductivity
  3. Report Should be provide first week of every month
  4. Provide the copy of PME approval for the LAB .

One of our SAC accredited and ARAMCO’S approved laboratory would be taking over this job.