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Tank Water Testing in Al Khobar, KSA


With reference to the subject, we have requirement for conducting water test for 7 water tanks in Aramco project. Please see attached parameters to be tested and sample need to be collected from site.

Kindly provide your best quote and availability, duration to conduct test with full report. Awaiting your offer urgently.

Water Testing

One of our Competent laboratory in Jubail would be taking over this task.

Water Sampling and Analysis Monthly, KSA


consider the below points while quoting for Water Testing:

  1. Sample should Be collected from the water tank Supplying water at site from ——.
  2. First Month water analysis should be conduct for all as per SASC table for drinking water , Following Month only highlighted contaminant required for analysis  E  Coli , Total Coliform Bacteria , TDS , PH , Chlorine Residual ,Conductivity
  3. Report Should be provide first week of every month
  4. Provide the copy of PME approval for the LAB .

One of our SAC accredited and ARAMCO’S approved laboratory would be taking over this job.

Water Testing Contract KSA


As per one of our requirement , we need your best quote for various water analysis with reports.

Note: All the samples shall be transported to your laboratory for various analysis, hence we need the quotation for required analysis as per the attachment.

Sl noRequired AnalysisFrequency Frequency
2Total Suspended Solids (TSS)WeeklyWeekly
3Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)WeeklyN/A
5Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD)WeeklyWeekly
6Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD)WeeklyWeekly
7Oil & GreaseAnnuallyAnnually
9Aluminum (Al)AnnuallyAnnually
10Ammonia as NitrogenAnnuallyAnnually
11Arsenic (As)AnnuallyAnnually
12Beryllium (Be)AnnuallyAnnually
13Boron (B)AnnuallyAnnually
14Cadmium (Cd)AnnuallyAnnually
15Chlorine (residual)WeeklyAnnually
16Chromium (total)AnnuallyAnnually
17Cobalt (Co)AnnuallyAnnually
18Copper (Cu)AnnuallyAnnually
19Cyanide  (total)AnnuallyAnnually
20Fluorine (F)AnnuallyAnnually
21Iron (Fe)AnnuallyAnnually
22Lead (Pb)AnnuallyAnnually
23Lithium (Li)AnnuallyAnnually
24Manganese (Mn)AnnuallyAnnually
25Mercury (Hg)AnnuallyAnnually
26Molybdenum (Mo)AnnuallyAnnually
27Nickel (Ni)AnnuallyAnnually
28Nitrate (as Nitrogen)MonthlyMonthly
29Selenium (Se)AnnuallyAnnually
30Vanadium (V)AnnuallyAnnually
31Zinc (Zn)AnnuallyAnnually
32Total ChloroformWeeklyWeekly
33Intestinal EggsWeeklyN/A

One of our ISO/SAC certiified lab in Jubail, KSA would be taking over this project.

Food and Water Testing for 5 Star Hotels

We are pleased to expand our reach as after serving with food and water testing and auditing most of the renowned regions in Middle East including eastern province of KSA (Jubail/Dammam), we have started independent micro biology lab for food and water analysis covering entire Kingdom of Saudi Arabia hence we are already conducting chemical analysis of food and water there.

Our other Middle east labs have decent track record in serving all 3 to 5 and 7 star hotels especially in UAE covering chain of Chelsea Hotels, Raddison Blue Hotel, Gloria Hotel, the Raffles hotel, Crown Plaza Hotel, Chain of Rotana Hotels, Emirates Palace Hotel, Jumeirah Hotels, Ritz-Carton Hotels , Kempinski Hotel and many more.

We also have a dedicated team of PhD qualified food and water experts who perform auditing for restaurants and companies producing or dealing in food or water.

We are accommodating all Jeddah hotels, Madinah Hotels, Hotels in Makkah/Mecca, Hotels in Riyadh, Hotels in Jeddah, and hotels in eastern province Jubail and Dammam for food testing, water testing and food and water auditing.

يسرنا أن نوسّع نطاق خدماتنا حيث أننا بعد الخدمة في اختبار الأغذية والمياه والتدقيق في معظم المناطق المشهورة في الشرق الأوسط بما في ذلك المنطقة الشرقية من المملكة العربية السعودية (الجبيل / الدمام) ، بدأنا مختبر الأحياء الدقيقة المستقل لتحليل الأغذية والمياه الذي يغطي كامل المملكة العربية السعودية وبالتالي نحن نجري بالفعل تحليل كيميائي للأغذية والمياه هناك.

تتمتع معاملنا الأخرى في الشرق الأوسط بسجل حافل في خدمة جميع الفنادق من فئة 3 إلى 5 و 7 نجوم ، وخاصة في الإمارات التي تغطي سلسلة فنادق تشيلسي ، وفندق راديسون بلو ، وفندق جلوريا ، وفندق رافلز ، وفندق كراون بلازا ، وسلسلة فنادق روتانا ، وقصر الإمارات فندق ، فنادق جميرا ، فنادق ريتز كارتون ، فندق كمبينسكي وغيرها الكثير.

لدينا أيضًا فريق متخصص من خبراء الأغذية والمياه المؤهلين للحصول على درجة الدكتوراه والذين يقومون بمراجعة الحسابات للمطاعم والشركات التي تنتج أو تتاجر في الأغذية أو المياه.

نحن نستوعب جميع فنادق جدة ، وفنادق المدينة المنورة ، والفنادق في مكة المكرمة / مكة المكرمة ، والفنادق في الرياض ، والفنادق في جدة ، والفنادق في المنطقة الشرقية الجبيل والدمام لاختبار الأغذية ، واختبار المياه وتدقيق الأغذية والمياه.

Lubricant Testing in Middle East

There are multiple ways to check quality and the condition of lube oil however, OCM (Oil Condition Monitoring) is the most popular group of methods used for engine oil, compressor oil, hydraulic oil, Turbine Oil, Gear Oil, Brake fluid etc.

There are multiple laboratories conducting OCM analysis but few of them are very much appropriate in finding problems and advising proficiently. Because, lube oil is all about the life of you engine or equipment, if it is not appropriate, sooner you are going to face trouble and losses.

Middle East region is a huge business hub for entire globe and the operations of engines, in terms of transport whether air, sea or road, equipment, machinery etc, is on its peak. All they require is a constant monitoring of their lube oil performances to increase the life of their engines. However, it’s not easy to find best laboratories for lube oil testing in Middle east.

AccreditedTestLabs.com is absolutely correct guide to reach exact laboratory which is best in performance, results and competent in pricing as well with all cover under accredited scope. So, if you are looking for lube oil testing in UAE, Lube Oil Analysis in KSA, Lubricant testing in Kuwait, Lube oil Testing in Bahrain, Qatar, Oman or anywhere in Middle East, Far East, youc an find all at one place. You only need to Drop email to us with your requirements and we shall get back to you instantly.

Lube oil testing in middle east, uae, ksa, qatar, kuwait, bahrain, sudan etc.

Bunker Survey Standard Operating Procedure SOP

Bunker Survey /Draftt Survey Standard Operating Procedure SOP (Guidelines)

Bunker Inspection Standard Operating Procedure Checklist.

The main purpose of SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) is to provide a step by step guide to conduct bunkering operation with highly ensured safety precautions. Simultaneously its purpose is to provide a certified statement of the quantity and quality of the oil delivered and to draw attention to matters which may be relevant to the protection of the client’s interest.

Bunkering operation lets the bunker owner/captain/producers know the quality, quantity and safety measures applied into the oil cargo and vessel itself.

Here is a checklist to conduct bunkering operation.

Surveyor’s Responsibility in General

To discharge number of responsibilities to the above described purpose, the surveyor must be focused towards applying and recording each and every moment and reporting it to persons concerned.

Here is a complete list referring to this SOP:

1.Bunker Survey Practical Procedures

2.Essential Equipment for bunkering Survey

  • Surveyor Procedures
  • Time Sheet
  • Checks on Receiving Vessel
    • Acknowledgment to Pre-Survey
    • Draught, Trim and List
    • Vessel’s Information
    • Chief Engineer Witnessing for Bunker Tanker
    • Vessel’s Calibration Tables
    • Onboard Quantity Measurement
    • Gauging Criteria
    • Free Water Check
    • Temperature Check
  • Checks on Bunker Tanker
    • Pre-Survey Acknowledgement
    • Draught, Trim, List
    • Bunker Requisition Form
    • Bunker Tanker Calibration Table
    • Onboard Quantity Measurement
    • Gauging Criteria
    • Free Water Check
    • Temperature Check
    • Stock Movement Report
    • Flow Meter
    • Tank Measurement/Calculation
    • Delivery Procedure
  • Post Delivery Procedure
    • Bunker Tanker
      • Tank Measurement
      • Tank Gauging Witnessing
      • Determination of Delivered Quantity
  • Receiving Vessel
    • Tank Measurement
    • Determination of Received Quantity

3. Sampling

  • Sample Location
  • Checking and Verification of Sampling Equipment
  • Sampling Procedure

4. Disputes

5. Reporting Requirements

  • Precautions and Limitations

Water Testing Labs in Saudi Arabia

Looking for water analysis labs in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

You are at the very right place since our labs are ISO 9001-2015, ISO/IEC 17025-2005 accredited and certified by Saudi Accreditation Committee (SAC). We have a decent track record in accomplishing numerous water testing contracts for many contracting and local authorities as well has star rating hotels. Hence many real estate companies enjoy our cutting edge water testing services for their swimming pool water, jaccuzi water, showers head, tabs water and tanks water.

Our labs are specialized in both microbiological and chemical testing of water, especially for TBC, Legionella and E.Coli etc with APHA methods.

We are testing waste water, potable water, feed water, laundry water and oily/oil contaminated water etc. We are capable to perform extended tests inline with local and international standard guidelines and we hold their certifications as well.

So feel free to contact us for water testing in Saudi Arabia (KSA).

You can also view our packages specified by certain authorities and standardization agencies on our page Water Analysis in KSA here.

Water Testing in KSA – www.accreditedtestlabs.com

Cargo and Vessel Inspection in Saudi Arabia

Our Saudi Lab along-with its ISO certification, is accredited to IFIA certifications as well and holds firm dexterity in the field of all types of inspection services. These services include but not limited to Quality inspection, Quantity Inspection, Vessel Survey, On-Shore Survey, Off-Shore Survey, Bunker Survey, Deballasting monitoring etc.

Our Inspectors are qualified and well adept through hands on vast experiences in surveying both commodities and the vessels. Our valuable clients enjoy both inspection and laboratory services under one roof since our lab is accredited by SAC and certified to ISO 9001-2015/ISO 17025 standards.

So feel free to write us for any present, upcoming or urgent inspection requisites and we shall be pleased to serve.

Please email your requirements to Saudi Arabian Lab here and have instant response within minutes or few hours.