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Calibration Services in Saudi Arabia, KSA


Find the Equipment details in below, we request you to provide us the best quoted price for the calibration.

ISO calibration Equipment List for -2022

S.NoEquipmentModel NumberSerial numberMakeRange
1Standard weights Set    
2Standard weights    
3Glass Thermometer    
4Metal Detector    
5Conductivity Meter    
6pH Meter    
7pH Meter    
8Analytical Balance    
9Analytical Balance    
10Analytical Balance    
11Weigh Bridge    
12Weighing scale    
13Platform scale    
14Drum filling scale (Old)    
15Analytical Balance    
16Drum filling scale    
17Drum filling scale    
18Hopper weighing scale    
19Hopper weighing scale    
20Bench Scale    
21Packing Scale    
22Packing Scale    
23Weighing Balance    
28Muffle Furnace    
29    Spectro photometer    
34Bio-safety cabinet    
35Digital Earth tester    
36Infrared Thermometer    
37Insulation continuity tester    
38Loop calibrator    
39Temperature calibrator    
40Thermal Imager    
41TRMS Clamp Meter    
42TRUE RMS Multimeter    

One of our competent and certified company in Saudi would be taking over this project.

Bottled Drinking Water Testing in KSA


Our employees are getting ill and we would like to know if it is related to the drinking water supplied by 19 Lt water bottles.  Do you provide drinking water testing service to check if it meets the health requirements?

Can you please provide me your offer and inform the sampling instructions?

One of our highly capable, ISO and Municipality certified laboratory in Saudi Arabia would be taking over this analysis.

Odour Sampilng and Monitoring in KSA


We are interested in contact with a company expert in odour sampling and monitoring according to standard codes in order to analyze the impact of the construction of some facilities in Saudi Arabia. One of these facilities is a sewage treatment plant that it is under construction now.

We would highly appreciate if you could give a contact to further discuss the project.

One of our highly capable and certified laboratory would be taking over this project.

Water Testing in Riyadh, KSA


Hello, I am based in Riyadh. I would need a full test on a water sample (compositions, any potentially dangerous chemicals). Would it be possible to have a quotation and have an estimate of how long would it take?

One of our capable laboratory would be taking over this water testing job.

Water Testing for Hydro in KSA


Pls. send the quote for  Water sample Test for the Hydro testing following are the requirement to be checked . Request you to send your quotation and the time to provide the test certificate.

DescriptionResultsLimits Max.Limits Min.Spec Limits
Appearance (See Note 1) Clear                                        Clear                                         Clear                                        
 Free from suspended matter (See Note 1)Free from suspended matter (See Note 1)Free from suspended matter (See Note 1)
ph Value (See Note 2) None requiredNone requiredNone required
SRB Count per ml (See Note 3) 100000-103
Chloride Ion Concentration (Cl-), reported as either ppm or mg/l (See Note 4*) 50*0Varies for application
Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), ppm                   (See note 5*) 500*N/AVaries for application
Hydrogen Sulfide, ppm                                                             (See Note 6) 10 ppm*0 ppmSee Note 6 relative to Safety Concerns

One of our highly capable laboratory would be carrying out water testing.