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Oil Testing in Saudi Arabia

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia consist of large geographical area and mostly possess oil underneath. Crude oil of Saudi is known as black gold globally and is the major commodity enhancing economical progress of the country. Hence huge industries are set up to support crude processing and vice versa. Where one is laboratory testing of the oil whether raw or the furnished one. The whole sphere always remains in the requisites of analysis from production to deliveries, usage and to disposal. Each step requires lab analysis in order to take to the further steps.

For example, in crude production and sales, we requires to know the quality of oil and its fractions. So, ultimately crude slate analysis, crude assay testing gets incorporated. Then further we require analytical reports when we go furnishing processes to get petroleum products furnished in the form of lube oil, diesel/gasoil, naphtha, bitumen and so on.

Similarly each product generally gets tested by buyers and even consumers to confirm quality of the product is best for their usage. Like for the sea, air and road transportation vehicles get analytical certificate of the quality of diesel, lube oil, MGO as well as industries require certain oil tests like transformer oil testing, turbine oil testing, etc.

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