Fuel Oil Testing in New York, USA


Can we have a laboratory get back to us for #6 Fuel Oil Testing?

Our needs are somewhat specific.

There are many ways to analyze number 6 fuel oil.

Below are the parameters we need to fulfil for our client

Below is our requirements:

Bunker Fuel Adultrant Testing    ISO 8217
SulphurASTM D4294-21 ASTM D4294-21ASTM D5453ISO 8754 XRF
Sulphur    ISO 14596 XRD
API GravityASTM D0287-22 ASTM D2827ASTM D287 
Specific Gravity   ASTM D1298 
Viscosity   ASTM D445 
Viscosity Index   ASTM 2270 
Kinematic Viscosity    ISO 3401
Density Hydrometer   ISO 3675ISO 3675
Density  Oscillating U-Tube   ISO 12185ISO 12185
% Water Karl Fischer   ASTMD6304CISO 12937
Water Content    ISO 3733
Pour Deg FASTM D97-17b (2022) ASTM D5950ASTM D97ISO 3016
% WeightASTM D4870A    
% WeightASTM D4870B    
Ash % WeightASTM D482 ASTM D482ASTN D874ISO 6245
Carbon Residue    ISO 10370
VanadiumIP-501EPA 6010C  IP-501
SodiumIP-501EPA 6010C  IP-501
CalciumIP-501EPA 6010C  IP-501
PhosphorousIP-501EPA 6010C  IP-501
ZincIP-501EPA 6010C  IP-501
AluminumIP-501EPA 6010C  IP-501
SiliconIP-501EPA 6010C  IP-501
LeadIP-501EPA 6010C  No
Nickel    IP-501
Iron    IP-501
FlashpointEPA 1010  ASTM D92 
Flashpoint(Pensky)   ASTM D93ISO 2719
Flashpoint-Rapid Equilibrium    ISO 3679
PAH ContentASTM D5186EPA 8270D   
Fuel FingerprintEPA 8015M    
TCLP Metals1311/6010C/7470A1311/Total EPA 200 series   
PCBsEPA 8082EPA 608.3   
ReactivitySW-846, Sec 7.3    
Paint Filter TestEPA 9095B    
Bottom Water&Sediment   ASTM D2709ISO 10307 – 1&2
Acid Number    ASTN D664-09
pHEPA 9040  ASTMD1287 

When you have a chance can you send us a referred laboratory for the below?

One of our highly proficient and ISO certified laboratory would be taking over this job.

Should you have any similar requisites, do drop us email and we shall revert instantly -> [email protected].