Environmental Monitoring in Fujairah, UAE


Please see below Q&A for the subject RFI.

  1. Air Quality Testing for 3600 Sq ft. – What is this area for ? is it residential or factory, or warehouse?

Response: This is for a four (4) story, building at Fujairah.  Residential. 

  1. Is it indoor or outdoor area?

Response: Indoor

  1. If it is indoor what all the test you are required only dust and gases or detail testing like temperature and all.

Response: Gas only for now.

  1. What is this area use for?

Response: Billeting, offices, restrooms and a few work areas where garage door entry access to maintain patrol boats. 

  1. How many tests are required based on the selected area?

Response: Assume four (4) corridors and another four (4) rooms on each floor for a combined 3600 Sq ft.  —————-

One of our highly proficient and ISO certified laboratory would be taking over this job.

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